Monday, December 01, 2008

Patterns Swirling in My Head

I've had patterns swirling in my head for months now. My computer files are filled to bursting with more colorwork patterns than I have been able to actually knit up. (Hint, hint - my upcoming book is about patterns.) Working on a book takes so long - there are so many layers of development. Although I am over a big hump, I've still got much more to do. It will be so long until I can reveal anything. I feel like I am keeping one giant secret from all of you!

I thought I would share some photos of pattern on pattern that help to stimulate my designing mind. When I have nothing left in my well, I open up a closet and take a look. I have a large collection of Indian block printed cloth. I've picked them up over the years at flea markets, Indian import stores, and Urban Outfitters. I love the handmade quality of this kind of fabric. They are inexpensive and fade to a lovely antique patina in a few washings. I use them on the daybed nook in the corner of the kitchen and on the kitchen table, changing them frequently to give a quick refresh to our home. They also make great throws for over a couch when the dogs are wet and dirty and I can catch them before they trash the upholstery. One look at their motifs and I can knock out a few more knitting charts.

I also like to collect old ceramics - I pick pots for their color mostly. After years of collecting, I have no room left, I fear. My pots look great with flowers in them. When the flowers are long gone, they still add cheer to the long winter months. I love the pots on my Indian fabrics - the unplanned combinations are always fun and unexpected visual feasts.

Here's a great painting Julia did in kindergarten. I don't know how they ever got her to sit still long enough to do it - maybe it was over several days. But I do love the pattern she painted and the colorful, wild, unplanned feeling it has. I could never do this - that's what I love about kids art - the spontaneous quality of it that adults just can't manage!

So now that my photo shoot is over, I've got to do some final editing on all the instructions I have already written up. Then there will be some more writing to do and working with the team at Soho Publishing who are publishing this next book of mine. I love seeing how a book comes together when others get involved.


Kathleen C. said...

I like that blue circle dot cloth. Great color and such a clean, fresh look to the print!
I really love Julia's painting as well. I have some of your notecards and am planning on getting some of your new ones... have you thought about making this painting into a card? It would be lovely!

Willow said...

I have batik cloth from the days I lived in Indonesia and I like to use the various tablecloths with pots of flowers on them too. Mine tend to be much less colorful than yours...

vtnitter said...

Wow, I especially love Julia's painting. It's incredible for someone of kindergarten age to have such an eye for color and composition...must be inspired by her mother!

Deborah said...

I am so excited about your book! Julia's painting is lovely. She has her dear Mama's eye for color and pattern.

Turtle said...

all nice and happy textures!

j said...

Julia's painting is amazing

Anonymous said...

Kristin please let Julia what a wonderful litle artist she is, I'm so glad I have the signature of a inspiring artist! She singed my book at the Fiber twist..she's a gem!

sue said...

Hi Kristen. Love reading your blog.
Will probably see you when you are at the Fiber Loft in January.
We met years ago when you lived in Pepperell, through Sandie Baker.
Enjoy the holidays. Sue Dalton

Jo Miller said...

Hi Kristin,
I've been enjoying your blog for some time, but rarely stop to comment.

Can't wait to see your new book! I am a very thrifty person who hardly ever buys knitting books (prefer to just figure it out myself or come up with my own design); in spite of that, I confess that I have bought four out of your five books. Your eye for pattern and design just captured my imagination.

I see by this post that Julia has inherited your abilities. How wonderful for her!

I wish you the best with this new book endeavor.
Jo Miller