Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter White and a Winner

We're in the midst of a blizzard here - or so they say. It sure is coming down hard and looks beautiful. It's a good afternoon to stay inside and make some Christmas cookies. Maybe have some hot chocolate or a cup of tea.

After a quick trip to the grocery store for provisions, I stopped by the sunflower field to see what it looked like. The field was full of birds looking for the remnants of last summer's flowers. Brave and hardy little birdies.

The sheep are ready for the storm. They've got nice warm coats on. Most of them will just lie down in one little spot until the storm stops. They'll be covered with snow for sure. Then they will stand up, shake it off, never the worse for wear.

I have been meaning to mention that it has been over a week since we lost any animals to the coyotes. Keep your fingers crossed. Some of the ewes are starting to look a bit pregnant so it shouldn't be long before our first new lamb is born. You know what that means - I'll be plenty busy with my camera!

Thanks to all who entered the embroidery giveaway. The winner this week is Nessa. Please contact me as soon as possible with your mailing address and I will get the box of embroidery goodies out to you.

I loved reading all the comments about when and how you learned embroidery. It seems there are lots of stitchers out there who are eager to refresh their skills or just plain ready to learn anew. It's a great thing to learn around the holidays when you may have some time off from work.

Enjoy the pre-holiday festivities and snow if you are having it where you live!


Rabbit Hill Creations said...

What beautiful pictures of the snow...fingers are crossed for the safety of your precious ewes.

Pungo River Days said...

I need to repeat myself right now. You are an inspiration to me everyday. If not on your blog in your books. Winter will not make me gloomy. C

Belle said...

Lovely pictures, Kristin. I really enjoy visiting a garden (whether small or large, public or private, mine or somebody else's) in the winter, when snow makes all the plants sculptural.

Congratulations to Nessa.
I must admit it was difficult to not enter your embroidery giveaway! Embroidery is another hobby of mine. But, out of fairness, I tied my fingers to the chair arms until your blog passed by. :)

have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

This was a good wrapping presents and baking day!!! Love the photos!


Rane said...

wow the kids feel soooo bad for the
sheep even though you said that
they are fine out in this, I guess
they are not use ti seeing animals
out in the weather, whey I was a
child I never thought about it
because it was the norm. Funny
how they see things, but your photo
of the sheep does pull at the
heart strings! And we have alot
of those brave birdies here! They
were out in the storm! Looking for
food. I guess that there is alot
of other animals out in this
looking for food...what other
wild animals are there where you
live? I remember where I was
we seen deer fox different birds
*my favorite is quail* & squirrels
would also show sometimes
their faces.
Congrats to Nessa!!! :)
We too are in the middle of the
snow storm.
To all in this weather keep warm
and safe.
Rane and kids

Tami said...

What gorgeous pictures! Love the picture of the snow covered sheep would really make for a neat card!

Lisa Anne said...

We got the same snow storm where we live. I love seeing all the animals come in at feeding time with the snow and ice stuck to their coats. It is amazing how they don't seem bothered, except our goats-they seem to be complaining a lot when it snows. I can't wait to see the lambs!

Laura said...

Gosh I love your blog! I can understand why sheep keep warm, but what about their noses? Do their noses get cold?

And are they like dogs in that respect? Cold nose, warm heart?

asakiyume said...

The sunflower in the snow reminds me of a row of sunflowers I saw, heads all bowed, in the snow this morning. They looked so melancholy! I have to remind myself that however desolate they look, they get visited all the time by goldfinches who like to have their seeds.

Turtle said...

congrats nessa! what perfect stay inside and bake and craft weather! we are so happy to have some snow as we do not usually see much being on the water. 12 more inches due in tomorrow night....yippee! i am actually hoping it starts a bit early so i can get out of going to our work party. is that bad? smile

ahhh, so sweet the sheep in white clothing..whiter!

Erica said...

Well done Nessa - I hope you will get much pleasure from your prize.

It is interesting reading everyone's comments. Here in New Zealand, Christmas is celebrated in the middle of summer. Many families enjoy a BBQ and the beach on Christmas Day. One of my sons and his family are joining me for the day. Another son and his wife are awaiting the birth of their first child, due on Tuesday but we have been told she is likely to be late arriving...maybe a Christmas baby? My third son lives in China so Christmas Day for him will be another day at work.

To all of you, may your Christmas be a time of special blessing one way or another. For those of you spending the day alone, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Nessa!

Awww, what a sweet lambie. I've just got to get a couple to go with my newly acquired Jersey heifers and hens! So sweet.

Merry Christmas Kristin! I pray your lives will be filled with peace in the New Year.

Diane at Peaceful Acres

Margie said...

Great photos. The sheep is so insulated the snow just stays on and does not melt. We have had no snow yet and may not have any. Happy Winter Solstice. Margie.

MonikaRose said...

Hello, great pics, must be frezzing out there. Our last two sheep passed, due to hot weather.

Happy Christmas and New Year.
I gave you an award today...

Anonymous said...

acai berryacai berryacai berryacai berryacai berry

Libby Buttons said...

Your blog is so charming. I really am enjoying the posts and photos. I love your tradition of making holiday decorations out of natural , found objects.