Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sheep During Storm

It's been a particularly rough, stormy and really cold winter here in western Massachusetts. We usually get a January thaw but that hasn't happened yet. Considering February starts Saturday, it isn't happening this year. It has been one storm after another and yesterday was no exception. It was so gray but pretty in its very own way.

Most things around here were cancelled or closed and it was one of those lovely days where kids get to do what they want instead of going to school. I tried to do what I was supposed to but life got in the way.

Taking photos on days like this is always fun. Julia and I drove down to the barn before the ice got too bad. It was really gray and snowing like crazy. I took it slow. When we arrived, The Farmer was in the process of feeding haylage to the sheep.

Sheep need a lot of food when it is storming. It puts a lot of stress on them and they seem to eat non-stop. Notice how their backs are covered with ice-encrusted snow. Oh boy - thank goodness wool makes a warm coat.

Eyeore was out loving the snow. It didn't bother him one bit.

Most of the lambs were inside the greenhouse barn where it was warm. The mamas were outside stocking up on food fuel to keep their little milk machines going.

This gorgeous Romney cross had seen it all before. She wasn't at all nervous and knew that soon the snow would subside.

I love how the white snow and ice crusted up on this brown ewe. Hard to believe she could see through it all.

Everyone made it through fine. More pictures of the sheep in the storm coming your way.


Turtle said...

so snowy and beautiful winter pics!

Willow said...

I heard about the storm and wondered if you have electricity. I guess you do since you are posting on your blog.

SYLVIE said...

We're having the same kind of weather here in Ontario, Canada.

Good thing the sheep have a nice wool coat!

Deborah said...

That Romney is "fierce" in the photo!

Rane said...

I am in love with the last photo!
Mother nature is amazing! That
last photo the sheep is so sweet
and I love that it looks like it is
smiling and that it has a hay in
its mouth! Tooooo cute!
THanks for the great photos!
Rane and kids

wcedar said...

Sweet lambs, and beautiful romney it early for lambs there, here on the west coast of Canada I have yet to see one this spring....I wanted to asked about the tea cozy you designed andshared on Knitty...does it have a spout exit...thanks

Nanci said...

I've bee busy shovelling out the driveway and the back yard path for the dog. Just didn't get a chance to drop by.
We are also getting your storm here in Ontario. Where is the January thaw that we always get?
I, like a lot of sheep am sick of winter. We need a break!