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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Star Worship

This isn't exactly star worship. I'll get to that. But it is heat worship. Last week when it was so cold, these 4 little lambs were huddled under the heat lamp - stealing the heat from the one who was supposed to be getting it. Who says lambs are dumb?

Wanted to post a picture of Cora hiding out in the greenhouse barn. I always get asked how Cora is doing, so hear you go all you fans of Cora. Her little lamb Jackson is snuggled beneath her. He's really growing fast. Julia named Jackson after a character in her favorite t.v. show. Which leads me to what this post is all about.......

Julia discovered Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus last year, much to my chagrin. We don't have cable or satellite and get only 6 t.v. channels on our hill (4 PBS after the digital transition that happened here last November - I can't even watch David Letterman anymore because CBS from Hartford doesn't reach here). She only found out we have ABC and NBC this fall. (I was doing pretty good, wasn't I?) Julia tends to find out about all the stuff girls her age like, no matter how hard I try to keep her sweet and innocent. Visits to my mom's house in NJ always bring some kind of television discovery.

Julia has been through many phases of adoration in her few short years. It started with Thomas the Tank Engine and Barney, moved on to Madeline and Eloise. We've been through the Zoom phase, the Mary Kate and Ashley phase, Lindsey Lohan (in her Parent Trap years). So now it's Miley Cyrus. She picks up People Mag at the check-out aisle of the grocery store and devours it until it is time to leave. I try not to say too much, knowing each phase will pass.....

The other day we were on the way home from her diabetes doctor appointment in Springfield. There is a Barnes and Noble near there - it's 45 minutes from our house - so we usually stop for a cappuchino for me and some kind of bit of chocolate for her. Then we browse our favorite sections - for me it is cookbooks and knitting and sewing books. I look to see if they are still selling my books and then I move the display around so someone might buy one. (I always wonder how fast they catch my re-arrangement of their shelves and stick my book back down in the regular shelves.) We usually don't buy a thing but we get our curiosity fix.

On Tuesday, I picked up the new issue of Knit 1 (I was curious about how Tanis and Faith are doing with it and where they are taking it). I felt a bit guilty about buying myself something so I treated Julia to "Star Scene's Miley Mania." Julia was over the moon and read it all the way home.

It was pretty quiet in the back seat until I suddenly heard - "Mom - guess what - Miley knows how to knit! Can you believe that? Emily Osment, who plays Miley's friend Lily Truscott on HM, taught Miley! Wow - how cool is that?"

I was pretty excited to hear that too! Suddenly there was a redeeming quality about Miley and her co-star Emily Osment. The teenage stars actually know how to knit. Julia was so very excited. I said to her - "Julia, why don't we write them a letter and send them some yarn. Maybe they will knit with the yarn named after you." Julia responded - "Mom, you are a genius." My face broke out into a large grin. Maybe she might eventually get interested in some things I like.

That evening, Julia typed up a letter and we're packing it up with some Julia yarn. We're going to send it to Miley and Emily care of the Disney Studios. Who knows if they will ever get it but it's worth a try.

Here's Julia's take on the Miley/Emily knitting situation:

"Hey Y'all" as Miley would say. I think it's really cool about the package full of yarn Mom and I are sending to Miley and Emily. And I also really hope Miley sends us a letter and maybe a gift and also tickets to a Hannah Montana concert!!! I've always wanted to learn to knit (my Mom has'nt taught me Yet!) and Know that I know Miley knits I really want to learn even more!"

From Julia

I think it would be fabulous is Tanis and Faith, the Editors of Knit1 could get an interview with Emily Osment for their magazine and maybe a cover. Can you imagine the flurry that would cause with tweens and teens? They all might want to start knitting! And doesn't that hat on the cover of Knit1 look just like a hat those girls might wear and be photographed for Tiger Beat?

There's more coming tomorrow on this subject - stay tuned.


Deborah said...

Oops, I don't think my post made it...
That's nice of you to send yarn to Miley and Emily. I hope you and Julia get a response!
Cora and Jackson look so snuggly. She's a good mama.

Beth said...

Toooo funny! No matter what you think of Miley and company you hit on a great way to connect mom's and daughter's interests and bring you closer. Julia is right...you are a genius! Hope they get the yarn and love it.

Anonymous said...


Kate G. said...

You da bomb, Mom! Get that package in the mail. Fingers are crossed in my household for you and Julia to meet the stars.

This was as superb post to read. From Cora to mother-daughter bonding, you made my morning coffee much better by half.

Michele in Maine said...

Oh, yes, my ten year old Mia Loves Miley Cyrus and all her 'friends.' I try to block the Disney channel when I can, but occasionally relent. And the Jonas brothers - oh, my. In the grocery store Mia does the same thing as Julia. I, too, hope this phase passes quickly but what will be next? Ha.

Don't you just love it when they think Mom actually has a good idea??!! I really hope Julia gets a response to the yarn package. Keep us posted!

Cathy said...

Now I can't wait to see what tomorrow's post brings! Great idea to send yarn. My fingers are crossed that Julia gets a response.

Anonymous said...

awesome post I love how you finished it up

Anonymous said...

Love it! First the sheep then the stars.... Hopefully, they will get the yarn and will respond. How cute that your daughter, at her young age, recognized that you are a genius. Many mothers don't get this kind of recognition until their grandchildren are pre-teens.

Renna said...

Really cool about your daughter's letter going with your yarn to the young star!

I have really been enjoying your lambie pictures this week. :-)

passingdowncrazy said...

I totally hear you on the Miley Cyrus thing. I'd be happy if there wasn't a TV in our house! Fortunately, Miley has been an OK example. Just try to keep Julia from finding out about High School Musical. My 10 year old has three of four siblings that wish they'd never heard of Miley or about anything else on Disney channel.

Deborah Robson said...

Hmmm. Digital transition. We tried out digital reception here (we're on rabbit ears, with access mostly to ABC and one PBS station, which we do watch occasionally). Guess which two stations we couldn't get on digital transmission? Those two. We got a whole bunch of odd and uninteresting things. We're not impressed.

I hope Julia's interest in knitting carries over into experiencing it. My daughter was slow on the uptake, too, but is now going strong.

There's a great book that I recommend all the time for kids--and adults--learning to knit. It's Kids Knitting, by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas. Fantastic, clear illustrations. Of course, Julia doesn't need a book to learn to knit. She's got the original source.

2monkeys_mom said...

Brilliant! On the show, they do sometimes have WIP on the coffee table. I've always kind of wondered about them. Frankly, I kind of like the show - it has elements of Laverne and Shirley and I Love Lucy. It's the Disney engine that's a little over the top.

Laura said...

Having worked at major studios for many years, I can tell you that it's more likely that your yarn WILL make it to Miley Cyrus than not. The process may be slow, though.

What she does after she receives it is anybody's guess, though. It isn't as simple as her just responding. She has press agents and managers, and other studio officials to clear. But I've seen some amazing contacts made in the past and who knows? This may be one of them.

Good luck!