Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In My Face He Is

Eeyore, our donkey, continues to amuse us. We got him to act as a "guard donkey" which he has done reasonably well at (except for last fall when - I think - a pack of coyotes distracted him while the rest of the coyote pack killed lambs and full-grown sheep during a wickedly awful few weeks). Knock on wood, the coyotes haven't been killing lately - I'm hoping they will stay away for a while.

We know Eeyore hates canines. A couple weeks ago, The Farmer took Nessie, our younger Border Collie, down to visit the sheep. It was a big mistake - between the Mamas stamping and Eeyore charging, it was more than bedlam - noone would put up with her and she came back to our farmhouse very dejected. She really misses her flock in the winter when she can't move them around. Chickens and baby lambs aren't quite it for her - she likes to move the masses.

Here's Eeyore yucking it up for the camera. He's quite the personality......

Check this out. And this too! If you are into color, you'll love it. Beautiful Colorful Work Kar and Lucy.


Anonymous said...

He's so shaggy! What a face. Is he as tall as he looks? He always seems so big in photos, almost a horse.

Lyn said...

Hes quite a character isn't he? I love donkies and would love to own one.

Amy Ellen said...

He is lovely. I love donkeys, they are just so darn cute with their long ears and soulful brown eyes.


Stephanie said...

That is so awesome that you have a guard donkey. I never would have thought that a donkey would make a good one. He sounds pretty good though and he's adorable to boot.

Lyn said...

Upps sorry, terrible spelling mistake above-Donkeys NOT donkies-tut tut!!!

turtlewoman said...

Just gotta love Eeyore! Now to get him to understand that Nessie is really his friend - it's the other canines he needs to keep an eye on.

Lindy in AZ

Rane said...

What a handsome fellow! I love
his fuzzy face! He's a charmer
thats for sure!