Thursday, April 02, 2009

Waiting for Spring

It's been a really long winter here and although we know spring is around the corner - it is slow in coming. The sap stopped running so it is about time for all the signs of sugaring to disappear. I'll miss the old-fashioned buckets hanging along the trees on the sides of the dirt roads around here.

The dogs can feel spring coming -- although the rains sometimes get them down. I know they can't wait until the sheep are out on pasture so they can start doing their herding duties.

The sheep are loving lazing in the sun and trying to nibble what there is for grass although it is mighty short. They're not very patient though and this pasture is going to need a good rest for the summer so it can re-grow.

Our neighbors' cows are starting to come out of the barn although there really isn't much grass to graze on this hill. In a month it will be green and lush and they will be loving it.

This is our neighbor's Jersey cow. She and her human are our source of raw milk. What luxury - we drop off our gallon container during the day with $5 and at night, Kayla delivers us a warm gallon of milk.

The Jumper and her triplets are loving life. They tag along behind her all the time - so cute.

Spring wouldn't be complete without a brand new lamb. The yearling mama had a bit of a rough time but she is bonding nicely and hopefully the baby will find the milk supply.

The lack of green in the woods gave me one more opportunity to catch a wintery shot for an easy pattern which will be on my website soon. I had to bribe Julia to do this after school one day. Amazing how $10 will get her to try hard to look cute.


Anne said...

Ah, what pleasure your post and the accompanying photos give me. The lambs are adorable!

Sally W. said...

She does NOT have to try very hard!!

Deborah said...

The triplets and mama are so sweet. Love that photo! Julia is adorable in her outfit! She's a great model.

Rane : iremembersleep (at) said...

Julia is such a cutie!
So are all the lamb shots!
Love the pink newborn!
The Jumper is such a good
momma it looks like.
Love the dogs... glad to
see them too! I am so very
jealous of your Fresh milk!
The kids love the cows....
but where are the kitties
they ask...
We here in IL are wondering
when spring will ever come.
We are very tired of winter
too and feel that it was
very long.
Lave a wonderful day sweetie!
Rane and kids.

Randy, Ally, and Wes said...

Those lambs are so cute! My favorite part of spring is the baby animals.

Roxanne said...

Julia is very cute without even trying.

But didn't you know the going rate for making your 10 yr old be cute or charming was only $5.00? I often show my son your blog but I will have to make sure he doesn't see that part about the $10.00. He will demand a raise!

Michele in Maine said...

Julia is a perfect model!

The mommas and their babes are adorable. Thank you for sharing your farm with us.

Anonymous said...

nice to see Pheebs with her all feet on the ground.


Carol said...

So jealous of that fresh milk! What a luxury. And glad to see the triplets thriving. Wonder if one will be Jumper II?

Joy said...

Love the sweater. Julia looks like she is getting taller.

Diane H K in Greenfield said...

Julia HAS gotten taller! Wow!

I like the look of that sweater and hat. Will it be sized for adults?

Pixie has already learned what money is about. We give her a quarter for every golf ball she finds out in the back pastures and woods--a previous resident here hit hundreds of golf balls out that direction--and at this point she's got a piggy bank full of quarters! She's only 2.5 years!

mascanlon said...

Oh my goodness Kristin you are getting off cheap...that's a $1,000,000 smile.

Renna said...

I always enjoy the outdoor shots on your blog, lambs especially; but I really like the one of Julia in her pretty knits. Simply adorable! :-)

Gin said...

Hi Kristin, I was wondering when the pattern for Julia's sweater that she's wearing in the pic will be in the shop? I can't wait!