Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trying to See Things

This week I am reading my manuscript for the upcoming book. This is the first time I have seen the words and photos laid out together. There sure is a lot of material. I have to read it all for accuracy, add words where needed, take away words where there are too many. I have only a week to do this and believe me - it is a lot to do! Next week I'll be getting more pages to review.

When I have to do this kind of work, I need to be out of my own personal space, away from my computer, and in a place where I won't run into people I know. I have to be quiet and try not to get distracted. At our farmhouse there is distraction galore - the phone, the chance to check e-mail, the chickens cackling and crowing, the sheep escaping the fences, dishes needing to be washed. For the past few book deadlines, I have headed north to Vermont. Brattleboro is one of my stomping grounds but I am not a local so I don't get distracted by friends. I find a cafe and sit and read and drink coffee trying to stay focused.

Yesterday it was a beautiful day and the spring air was calling me. On my way to pick up Julia I stopped at an incredibly beautiful spot called Weatherhead Hollow. Here I sat, reading, writing, correcting and enjoying the incredible May day. Not bad I must say.

I pass this beautiful spot quite a few times a year but barely ever stop to sit and observe nature. The water is so pretty and reflective. This pair of geese was floating around. They will be nesting soon and baby geese will be hatching - all downy and a lovely greyish taupe color.

In the shallow water, lily pads were floating.

This was just the perfect amount of distraction. More to read and do but this book is moving on.


mascanlon said...

Lovely photos especially of the lily pads. Can't wait for the book and I don't even knit that well!

Harpa J said...

What a lovely spot.
Best of luck with the revising!

technikat said...

Now I'd never get anything done in a beautiful spot like that. For me, it would be way too distracting!

Kate G. said...

Thank you for taking us along. Can't wait to see what's
heading to press!

Jennifer and Steve said...

What a wonderful spot! I think I would spend the whole time just sitting, drinking coffee, observing and contemplating. Your diligence is commended. :) jennifer

alison guinee said...

Thanks for this! I just fedexed the pages for my book last night. I have to say that it's reassuring to hear that it's not just me. It's hard to find a place free from distraction amidst a full and busy life, and so much harder now that spring is here. Even the robins keep stopping by my window beckoning me out to play. Can't wait to see your new book!