to celebrate the publication of my new book


Our colorful 1751 farmhouse will be open to the public. On view will be many of the projects that are featured in Crafting A Pattern Home along with many other things I have made over the years.

This event will be a celebration of the handmade. I hope the day will inspire you to add some pattern and color to your home.

The event is FREE. Books will be available along with some other things I have made. For more information and directions, see the EVENTBRITE PAGE HERE. Although tickets are not mandatory, it will help me get a count to know what to expect. Hope to see you here in western Massachusetts in May.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've Joined Facebook And Ravelry

I'm not sure why, but all my friends told me I had to, so I joined Facebook. I think it will be a great way to get the word out about what I'm doing - classes, appearances, etc. The only down-fall is that I can only check it out when I'm at a wifi hot spot. (It takes about 10 minutes for the home page to down-load on my dial-up connection.)

I'm also on Ravelry and it is the same situation - unless I'm at a Wifi place - the Town Hall, a cafe, the library - it is too difficult. My user name there is kristinnicholas (no space). I just uploaded the cover to my new book there if you would like to check it out. I also added the first cover that didn't get chosen.

Ah, technology.... Maybe I will figure it all out one day. As for today, out to the garden.


Lynn said...

I can't wait to get your new book!

Harpa J said...

Ravelry is a great place and as for facebook - well - everybody and they're grandmother (literally) here in Iceland is on facebook so it's a great tool for promoting things. I imagine the situations is not much different in your corner of the world.

- under my own name both in both places - Harpa Jónsdóttir on facebook and the short version Harpa J on ravelry

Sara said...

Both are great places to network. That is insane about the 10 minutes to load up the homepage. It would drive me batty.

Gigi said...

Look forward to 'seeing' you on Ravelry -- love it! Facebook? Just can't get into it -- too time consuming, especially for you with it taking 10 minutes to download -- arrgggh.

Deborah said...

I'm looking forward to the release of the book. Glad to see you on Ravelry.
As for Facebook, it came in handy with my son at college. The cell phone connection is terrible, so we communicated via Facebook chat. It's pretty handy.

Turtle said...

both are great sites! my friends talked me into the facebook thing as well but i love that in less than 10 minutes a day i can catch up with everyone worldwide. easy peasy!

Diane H K in Greenfield said...

As much as I dislike Facebook, it comes in handy staying in touch with my jet-setting sister (who is notoriously hard to get a hold of) and my good friends in other parts of the US and the world. The other day I had a great chat with one of my oldest friends, who happened to be sitting in a cafe in Germany at the time!

I think you're doing just fine with the technology, by the way. It is a learning curve you seem to have a handle on. You're a quick study and quite clever!

Can't wait to see the new book in person!

Karen said...

The cover of your book looks absolutely great. I can hardly wait to get my hands on it!

Lisa said...

I look forward to following you in both places, Kristin! Congrats on taking on the next new networking frontier.

Willow said...

I joined facebook to know what my adult kids are up to and along the way have reconnected with a lot of old college friends, one of them a very close friend. It has been good.

Kate G. said...

Darn it, Kristin. I'm writing Congress to get wifi out to the farms! You are doing wonders with limited access, but for sanity's sake you should have more choices of access.

That said, welcome to Ravelry! You'll find me there as okate.