Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Kristin's Peruvian Ch'ulla Julia Yarn Hat in Fall 2009 Vogue Knitting

The new Fall 2009 Vogue Knitting is out. There is a whole section on hats which I contributed a project to. It's a Peruvian Ch'ulla style hat with pointy earflaps and multi-colored pompoms. Here's the photo they took on the pretty model.

Here's the photo I took on the sidewalk at the Fedex office before the hat raced off to their NYC offices. I think the flat view gives you more to knit from. Feel free to print this photo out as your knitting guide if you decide to make this project. It is, of course, knit with Julia Wool/Mohair/Alpaca.

This is a relatively easy hat to knit (I made it in less than a day). The flaps are made by decreasing at the center of the cast-on stitches to form a V-shaped earflap. The Fair Isle Patterning is knit in the round and the shaping is made at the garter stitch pattern dividing rounds. There is minimal embroidery on the hat. After completing, I sewed on the earflaps and attached multi-colored pom poms.

I use a Clover pom pom maker to make my pom poms. They turn out thick and squishy and I waste less yarn. I have a very old one which I treat with extreme care because the plastic is easily broken. I know there is a newly redesigned Clover pom pom maker out there now that I have yet to try.

The nice thing about this hat is that besides being a quick knit, it also works for boys and girls and men. I frequently see teenagers wearing this style hat walking around town.

Which leads me to a question... Do you ever knit a project shown in a magazine or a pattern leaflet for a man if it is shown on a woman? Or vice versa?

I'm still working on the weekend wrap-up post. Taking longer because of all the photos. Turner's Falls Farmer's Market this afternoon! Hope the thunderstorm holds off!


Gigi said...

You have a pattern in "Vogue Knitting" -- WOW! I love the hat - soooo cute -- going into my queue for oldest granddaughter. Be proud of yourself!

anne said...

I love this hat and can't wait to make it. I have also been kicking around a baby blanket idea and realized that the Julia yarn will be perfect for it with fantastic colors! Finally I think my knit funk might be over!

Willow said...

How exciting to get your pattern in to Vogue Knitting! I love the hat! In answer to your question--No I've never knitted anything for a man that was shown modeled by a woman in a magazine. I've knitted sweaters for my grandson that were modeled by girls in a book. But in other photos they were modeled by boys.

Anonymous said...

Saw your hat when my VK arrived last week-- knew it was yours even before I read your name! I love chullo hats, and this is a charming example.
To answer your question, I knit "men's" patterns for women and vice-versa all the time, sometimes with styling changes (especially at neckline and cuffs) as well as the obvious sizing and fit modifications. Classic Aran and gansey sweaters transcend gender-- bustiers and lingerie-look camisoles, not so much.
-- Gretchen

Turtle said...

love the hat! Yes, i do sometimes make items for men that appeared on women in the pattern. Usually hats or scarves.

Diane H K in Greenfield said...

Hi Kristin. Have I told you lately that you are super cool?! It's true. I'm so happy to know you.

I like this hat design. I've been thinking of making it with a Julia yarn substitute because of my mohair allergy.

As for men's/women's patterns, I definitely will knit menswear patterns for myself, I've never knitted a specifically women's pattern for John, and I've knitted gender-neutral patterns for both of us (generally Aran types or those with raglan sleeves).

Marie said...

Hey Kristin,

What a great hat! That is definitely on the list for Fall least one!

And I'm with Diane, I've knit men's patterns for women, but can't think of a single woman modeled pattern I've knitted for a man. The gender neutral thing is tricky, because I think we go for who it's modeled if two photos I guess.

Congrats on Vogue Knitting!

And let me know when you'll next be coming to Bean town. We'd love some more lamb!!!

Knit*Six said...

This hat would absolutely cheer me up on the darkest winter days! And to answer your question: If a project is at all unisex, or has the potential to be, then I'd make it for a man or a woman. As long as it fits well (physically and spiritually) and the recipient likes it, I'm happy!

Vicki Stammer said...

Congratulations on the hat in Vogue, Kristin. It's lovely and whimsical, and I'm sure it will be knitted a great deal. It really has your "voice" in the design.

Yes, I swap knitting patterns across genders. Unless the pattern is really frou frou, I think that knitting tends to accommodate varied wearers better than sewn garments.Actually, I can seldom make myself completely leave a pattern (knitting or sewing) alone without making some adjustments, so I look to general line, stitch pattern, and gauge then make any adjustments as appropriate.

Remember the old cardigan pattern in which you knit buttonholes on both sides of the front then put the buttons on a strip to be buttoned through on the side appropriate for the gender of the person who will wear it? I've seen that done for babies more recently, but the first time I encountered it was in a WWII pattern, a time when no waste was allowed!

Best of luck with the pattern. It's lovely.

Vicki Stammer

Alissa said...

Starting the hat last night! Love this pattern. I can see how it can easily be changed to man/woman/child with color choices! Imagine my delight when I ran to my yarn stash and found loads of Julia yarn! It is one of my absolute favorite yarns!