Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kitties and Knits - You Can't Miss

Last November (wow, it's been almost a year!) we had the photoshoot here at our farm for Color By Kristin. At that point, there wasn't even a name for this new book. I was scrambling, as I always do, to get all the projects done. The book had been in the works for a while, there was a project list, and as time went by, I just kept checking off the projects:
Designed? check.
Pattern Written? check.
Project with a Knitter? check.
Project back from Knitter? check.
Corrections made? check.

On the bottom of the list was a project called Fingerless Gloves. In my last book, Kristin Knits, I did a pair of fingerless gloves with floral embroidery which were very popular so I figured I had better follow up with a Fair Isle version. Here's that project below from Kristin Knits (photo by Kevin Kennifick).

I think the reason fingerless glove patterns are as popular as they are is because they are small projects, actually half mittens and they are really quick to knit. They make great gifts. And with everyone lowering their thermostats, I hear more and more friends say they wear their gloves at work, while working on their computers, and while knitting.

As the photography deadline approached, I just kept putting the fingerless gloves off. They were small, there would still be enough time. Finally, I had 5 days left before photography and I didn't want to be a failure in Diane, my Art Director's eyes. I stayed up very late one night, swatched, wrote the pattern and called my friend Susan who is the quickest knitter I know. She already had leftover balls of Julia Yarn from other book projects so yes, she could make a quick pair of FG. Yippee.

Then I pushed the envelope a bit further and designed a hat pattern to match. Yes, Susan was also able to make that. The day before the shoot, an overnight envelope came and in it were these gloves and matching hat. I opened it and loved what I saw.

We just so happened to have a sister and brother pair of kittens last fall named Tommie and Annika (after characters in Pippi Longstocking). They were (and still are) such good looking kitties. I decided we should use them in the photos in the book. They were really used to being held (thanks to Julia) and so they would make the perfect props for the knits. Here's Tommie and Annika in the arms of Margaret the model, looking totally adorable.

Oh, and about the gloves, they have a floral knit solid color border. The Fair Isle patterning is easy to do (the repeat is over 5 stitches). But what makes these gloves really special is the addition of chain stitch, running stitch, cross stitch, and French knots to the colorwork pattern. Embroidery on knits isn't hard to do and it is so worth the trouble to learn.

Thanks for all the book orders yesterday. Keep them coming. I'm hoping to update you on the status of the books before the weekend. Please don't forget that if you want them signed to you personally, you must fill in the "special instructions to merchant" section. If you can't figure this out, send me an e-mail after you finish the order. Here's the link to the shop page on my website.


Bridget said...

I LOVE those gloves!

barbara said...

Wow, what pretty fingerless knits. I made the pair from Kristen Knits for a friend for Christmas last year. It was really hard to part with them. I've been wearing a pair of fingerless knits in my office because we are having heating problems this week. Your new pattern is calling out to me!

barbara said...

Oops. I mean "fingerless mitts", not "fingerless knits"!

evie said...

Love, love, love those fingerless mitts! the kitties are pretty cute too.

Lindsay said...

As always, your sense of color fun is impeccable! Gorgeous!