Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sheep Escape

Late the other afternoon, the sheep were missing. They had broken out of their electro-net fence and were nowhere to be seen. It's a little hard to misplace 200 plus sheep so we knew they couldn't really be missing. The Farmer and dogs went out to look for them. They were high on a hill full of lush green grass which hadn't been hayed in a few months about a half mile from their fenced in pasture. They were enjoying a nice snack.

Julia and I hopped in the truck to take a look at them. It was a gorgeous late afternoon and the leaves were just beginning to turn orange and gold. Although the sky wasn't clear blue, it was full of dramatic grey clouds.

At this time of year the burdocks have turned brown and they are all over the edges of hayfields and the sides of roads. The sheep were covered with them - a handspinner's nightmare, I know but it is pretty impossible to keep our sheep out of the "hitchhikers."

Eeyore was looking over everyone. He started walking towards me and I saw that he too was covered with burrs. Really covered.

I turned to take a photo of the landscape and all of a sudden I felt a large shove in my back. I lost my balance and turned around. Eeyore was sticking his head in my back and now his hitchhiking burrs were all over my sweater. I'm still picking them off. Never know what each day brings.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a cute story...but I know those burrs are awful stickers. I especially liked that Eeyore wanted to get "up close" with you. Sounds like a sweet guy.
Glad you got all the gang back home where they belong.

EJ said...

thanks for all the photos - it must be views like that that help keep you going!

Kym said...

:-) Great story. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Jennifer and Steve said...

I loved these photos! The hitchhiker tale cracked me up. I've had much experience with those little dudes and so understand the nightmare of picking them! Your book is just beautiful too...

laughingmuse said...

Argh, those stickers are awful - they can get stuck in our dogs' "armpits" and between their toes, and they hurt.

Maybe Eeyore was saying, "Hey, help me get these off of me, willya?" :)

The photos are beautiful.

Willow said...

Kristin, This post made me laugh. Missing sheep, donkey shoves, and clinging burrs. I feel like I'm right there in the field with you.