Friday, November 20, 2009

The Blog Tour Continues and Introducing THE QUARTERS CAP - a new PDF Downloadable Pattern from Kristin

First off today, I'd like to thank Wendy Johnson of the immensely popular WendyKnits blog for participating in the Blog Tour for Color By Kristin. Wendy is also the author of the popular Socks from the Toe Up. and has a new book coming out next spring called Toe Up Socks for Every Body. Wendy asked me some interesting questions about how I developed the Julia Yarn. And she did a very thorough review of the book. Wendy has two copies of the book available in a drawing, so check out the post here. Thank you Wendy!

And thank you to all of you who have been ordering my new book signed by me through my on-line shop. I can't tell you how much buying direct from me helps us keep this little farm a-running. But please, if you have a local yarn or bookstore selling the book, pleeeeeeaase buy it from them! They need your business more than ever in these difficult economic times!

Now onto what's new here on the farm. I've been busy doing a bit of designing and desktop publishing. Actually, the designing and knitting has been done for eons - it's the desktop publishing that has been done of late. For the past couple years, I've had some lonely little patterns for sale on my website as PDF downloads. I have meant to add to the colletion but life has been too busy. It's only now that the Farmer's Markets are over for the season and that I am not working on another book that I have had time to learn Adobe Indesign and really get my on-line pattern shop going.

Just in time for holiday knitting, I'd like to introduce The Quarters Cap, now available in my shop for immediate down-load. This is the greatest little cap. Here's why you might want to knit one for family and friends for the holidays.

1. The Quarters Cap is knit back in forth in garter stitch with clever and EASY short row shaping to create the crown of the hat.

2. It is sized in 4 sizes - from Baby to Adults.

3. This is one of the most addicting projects I have ever designed. I think I have knit about 10 of these so far! I can't stop! Neither will you be able to....

4. The Quarters Cap is a great stash buster. I knit it with odds and ends of my Julia Worsted Weight yarn.

5. It is a colorful project, but not too hard or colorful for those color-shy knitters.

6. Teenage boys love this hat! My nephews (that's them in the photo) came from Brazil last Christmas without a warm hat. I knit these for them over the Christmas holiday and they never left the house without them. And you probably all know what a hard nut to crack teenage boys are!

7. The Quarters Cap can be knit color-blocked in 4 colors or striped in 2, 3 or more colors. Your imagination is the limit.

8. Men love this hat or let's just say The Farmer loves it. It isn't too tight because the garter stitch stretches out comfortably around the skull.

9. Little girls love this hat - just ask my Julia.

So, hop on over to my shop and order yourself up a copy of this pattern. It is $4.50 and only available here on my site

Thank you!

p.s. The pattern has been proofed by my fabulous tech-editor Lori and is professionally designed and published.


Dianne MacDonald said...

I'm going to get on this pattern right now! I have many males to knit for in my family who may end up getting one of these for Christmas.....and a few females (including me) who would want one, too. Thanks so much!

Karen said...

The pattern is lovely. I especially love the picture of your daughter with the little lamb on her shoulders. I have purchased this pattern and hope to knit a couple this weekend - I have some wee people I owe gifts to! Thanks for offering this lovely pattern.

Rebecca said...

Absolutely ADORABLE....and so versatile! I'm hopping on over to your shop right now! Hop! Hop!

Becky said...

I am so excited! I was looking for a hat for my teenage son. I just bought the pattern. I have some yarn in my stash to use for the guinea pig, first one. Thanks for publishing this.

EJ said...

great to see the patterns emerging..

if i may add a comment?
would it be possible to have a few close up photos of the items? its hard to tell from the single photo on the website. i was interested in the stockinette hat and mittens but can't really tell much from the single photo.

Kristin Nicholas said...

Hi EJ: If you look at my Julia Page, there are many photos of the patterns. Hope this helps. Here is the link:

Avice said...

...of course, I had to get this pattern immediately. Thanks for posting it! And thanks, too, for sharing your life, farm, and creativity. I check your blog nearly every day and always enjoy it. - Avice

Anonymous said...

I too succumbed to the pattern! Am knitting it now in Red and Black for my youngest adult daughter and I plan to put a knitted flower embellishment on the side of it.

Short rows have been my personal nemesis. I have no idea why. I've always found lace knitting, double knitting and almost anything else, easier -- there is just something that throws me off every time. I have frustratingly frogged innumerable projects because of them. It was solely because of your persuasive comments regarding this "easy" version that I was convinced I might try them, yet again. I had absolutely no expectation that it would work for me this time either. BUT... "By George I think I've got it!" I'm doing a little happy dance.

Thanks!!!!! -- elizaduckie

Sarah / Bee House Hives said...

What a great pattern.. and what a cute little girl with that lamb. Sweet photo.