Friday, November 13, 2009

Hankering for Yarn and Cora Reappears

The lovely Noreen Crone-Finlay, an author of many books, writes a blog for Bliss Tree called Hankering for Yarn. On it, she writes about her many projects - most of them fiber related. She really is a multi-talented designer. I know Noreen mostly for her beautiful, creative dolls.
Here's a link to Noreen's website.
Here's a link to her blog post about my book.

Noreen has some great PDF patterns for her different doll patterns for download which you can
find here. Her self-published books are also available on her site here. You all should have a look!

Here's the line I like best from her review:
Prepare yourself to enter into a world of intoxicating color and texture!

Isn't that a lovely sentence?

Noreen's post is the start of the Blog Tour that the lovely Tara from Soho Publishing has organized for my new book
Color By Kristin. I'll be posting links to the blogs as the reviews appear. Most of the bloggers are asking me questions and I'm answering them. It's been really interesting to see what they are interested in. I've had to think about the different questions - some more than others - before I respond.

If you are interested in being part of the blog tour, contact Tara at Soho. She is in on Thursdays and Fridays (she's a student also.) Tara is looking for blogs with reasonably high traffic. Her e-mail is:

I'll leave you with this photo of Julia and Cora. We took a nice long walk last Sunday. It was an amazingly warm day for November. As with most of our family walks, the sheep are somehow included. We had to hike way, way up the hill to see them. I get such a kick out of Cora. Every time Julia comes along, Cora steps out of the crowd of 200 plus sheep and has a little snuggle with Julia. It's amazing. Never have we had such an affectionate sheep. It's most amazing to us because our sheep are out on pasture 9 months of the year. Individual sheep don't get special attention, unlike a "backyard flock" which many shepherds keep. Cora is pregnant again so Julia is anticipating her lamb. Lots of the ewes are beginning to look pregnant. The Farmer is expecting early lambs - mostly likely sometime in mid-December. You know what that means here on the blog - lots of lovely pictures of little lambs coming soon!

Good weekend everyone!


Joyce said...

How cute is that! What a lucky daughter you have.

HOA Mgr Lady said...

Oh lovely Cora although I know sheep have to lamb in time for Easter however I hate thinking of them giving birth in the colds of the northwest. Brrrrr

Colleen said...

Wonderful review!
I LUV the Julia~Cora relationship...So sweet! They almost look like they are posing to be reviewed at a fair!

linda p said...

I can't wait to check out your book. I'm using the Julia yarn right now and keep thinking that I'm (hopefully) channeling you. The colors are just GORGEOUS and i almost feel like the yarn is moisturizing my hands as I work. amazing!

Susan said...

I received your book and love it!! I emailed Tara to be considered for hosting your blog tour. I would love to do that.

Have a good weekend,
susan b anderson

Anonymous said...

I used to LOVE getting your blog. Wonderful to live vicariously on your farm and admire your lovely photos. Now it appears to have morphed into one long ad for your products. Pity.

Lori Gayle said...

This is in reply to the comment by Anonymous (above).

If Kristin is bubbling over with enthusiasm for something, she blogs about it. That includes the books and patterns with which supports her family, the wonderful critters, and the farm.

When a working artist generously offers the public a glimpse into her life, her work is going to be a big part of that. A lot of readers are genuinely curious about Kristin's designs, where she finds inspiration, how knitting books and patterns get published, and how one makes a living in the crafts field.

If you do not share that curiosity, please just skip over those blog entries. No one will ever know. I'm sure there are diehard knitting fans who skip over the farm animal entries.

Kristin's blog is like an open house to which everyone is invited, no strings attached, no purchase required. The hostess can put on whatever entertainment she wants. Criticizing the free party because it doesn't exactly match your expectations is (to paraphrase the Yarn Harlot) like slapping someone in her own living room.