Monday, December 07, 2009

Book Signing Holiday Event and Color by Kristin Preview of The Little Shepherd's Scrap Yarn Scarf

First up, I'll be at The Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley, MA this Saturday, December 12 from 2 to 3:30 p.m. I was very happy to be asked to come to their "Holiday Author Event." If you have never been to The Odyssey, it is a wonderfully warm and friendly bookstore just across from Mt. Holyoke College. It has 3 floors filled from floor to ceiling with all kinds of books. I love browsing in this store! There's a great kids section, lots of wonderful cookbooks and craft books, and wonderful fiction and poetry. I'll have lots of samples with me from my new book and would love to meet you. Stop by and say hi!

My new book, Color by Kristin, has been written up a bunch of wonderful blogs - By Hand, With Heart, LapDog Creations, WhipUp, Art You Wear, American Gypsy Living, and ColorJoy. Thanks to all of you who are helping me spread the COLOR KNITTING FEVER! You are very generous! (I'm sorry if I have missed reviews. I try to link back to blogs as a common courtesy but I'm not perfect.)

This morning, I just realized that I haven't quite finished previewing all the projects from Color by Kristin.
Today, let me introduce you to my handsome little friend Matthew who modeled The Little Shepherd's Scrap Yarn Scarf.

Matthew goes to school with Julia and often helps us with our sheep - moving them, setting up stuff. A couple weeks ago, he and another 11 year friend, Ross, helped me re-roof the chicken coop run. Matt loves to be on our farm and around all the animals. When I asked him (and his Mom and Dad) if he would like to be in my book, he said "I'm all over it. Cool." His sister Bridget is in the photo with Julia of The Best Friends' Pullovers.

Matt is wearing the easiest project in the book and one of my favorites. It is knit of about ten different colors of Julia and is a great stash buster. I worked it back and forth on a long circular needle. I'm not going to give away too much here about the project, just suffice it to say it is easy, fun to knit, and a great learning project if you are timid about working with different colors. There is NO STRANDING on this project for all of you who are fearful of working with two colors in one row!

This project is a great choice for beginners and will fit anyone - children, men, and women! The concept could easily be turned into a cosy "scrap yarn afghan" (I'll have to add that to my list!)

As always, you can purchase my books on my website here and I will be happy to sign it to you or a friend. A signed book makes a really nice Christmas gift for any knitter (even you) so drop any hints you want and I'll be happy to set up your husband, mom, boyfriend or friend. If you want the book signed specially to someone, please make sure you add those notes in the "special instructions" section of the order. If not, I will just sign the book generically. If someone isn't web savvy about ordering, they can down-load my order form and send me an old fashioned check. You'll find that Printable Order Form Link at the VERY END of my Shop Page. And thank you for your support.

What could be better on Christmas afternoon than spending time leafing through a new knitting book? Sounds like an ideal day to me.......


Bonnie said...


I've just returned your book to the library. I was seeing how HARD the patterns are. I thought I can make this scarf!!! So I'm glad to meet Matthew. Lovely book. I will get it for that reason and dream!!

Virginia said...

I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kristin... thanks for sending my book so quickly. I did stop at Webs and found the Julia yarn right in the middle, and bought several colors to knit the quarters cap. Then any leftovers can make the little shepherd scarf!

I love the way you packaged the book.... color everywhere, when it's by Kristin! Thank you again.

Barbara M.

abelau said...

Forget the scarf....... I want the kid!

You really need to take him out for Ice Cream or something, because he made me buy the book.

Thanks for writing it.

Christine Thresh said...

What a darling fellow.