to celebrate the publication of my new book


Our colorful 1751 farmhouse will be open to the public. On view will be many of the projects that are featured in Crafting A Pattern Home along with many other things I have made over the years.

This event will be a celebration of the handmade. I hope the day will inspire you to add some pattern and color to your home.

The event is FREE. Books will be available along with some other things I have made. For more information and directions, see the EVENTBRITE PAGE HERE. Although tickets are not mandatory, it will help me get a count to know what to expect. Hope to see you here in western Massachusetts in May.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

May your holiday be filled with sugar and spice and everything nice. My family and I wish you the happiest of Christmases.


Shell said...

~ ~ Happy Christmas to you ~ ~

The red and green post was great,
enjoy the day, happy jingle bells to all. Tell Julia I made a SnowCat with rosehips for eyes :)
I like to make snow animals.
The bookmarks are terrific !
Shell ~

123 123 said...
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Willow said...

Merry Christmas to you, The Farmer and Julia! From Willow and The Professor at Willow's Cottage

Re: Red and Green. Because I'm not fond of the traditional Christmas red and green, I use blue as my foundation color for decorating. The blue can handle only so much red and that's ok with me.

Karen L. said...

And a big Merry Christmas to you and your family too!!! Thanks for sharing all that you do on the blog. I love reading it especially the recent stories about Julia's finger knitting and such. My granddaughter who is half Japanese showed me how to do that when she moved to the States a couple of years ago. Love seeing the "farm" posts too. And the knitting/stitching that you show in photos just pops off the pages. The colors are wonderful ... great to use and see on dreary winter days. Thanks for all you do but especially for your love of Julia, the farmer, all the animals, and your profession.

Deborah said...

Ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest! Merry Christmas from momartist in MinneSNOWta!

Penny said...

lots of sweet, cheerful, healthy holiday love to you and yours.

marit said...

God jul/ Merry Christmas!!!

Virginia said...

Merry Christmas!

Dianne MacDonald said...

Merry Christmas, Kristin, to you and your family!

Lisbeth said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Reading your blog always brings a huge smile to my face. My son goes to a Waldorf school here in midcoast Maine and 3 years ago he learned to finger knit in kindergarten. It is a wonderfully fun thing for the kids and has helped him with his developmental issues. Often now, he proudly shows me his 4-finger knitting projects. He has learned to knit but still goes back to finger knitting.

Happy New Year to you too!


fracksmom said...

you take awesome pictures, you are very talented in so many areas

Turtle said...

hope your holiday was a great one!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Hope Christmas was merry, now on to a happy 2010!
Peace, Judi