Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Waiting To Work

Nessie on Sunday, waiting to work, at the breakfast table at The Farmer's feet.

Border Collies need work, every day, no matter what kind of work it is. The sheep are almost ready to move into their barn in Bernardston where the lambs will be born. They will stay there until about April or May when the grass begins to grow.

At this time of year, the dogs don't get much sheep time because there really is no fence moving to do. The ground is almost frozen and the grass is covered with snow. The Farmer is feeding the hay he harvested all summer. It will be the sheep's diet until the grass is long enough to graze next spring. Nessie and Phoebe will have to dream about the sheep and find entertainment in the daily chicken round up and the walks up the hill.


Deborah said...

What a dear dog. Neesie's having a well-deserved nap.

Virginia said...

What a cutie pie! My daughter was completely entranced with the sheepdogs at Rhinebeck. She was thrilled that the herder used the same commands as in Babe.

Tari said...

I have the priviledge of owning several working border collies. We have the same delemna in the winter. How to keep the border collies busy. We have taken them to the neighbors to help bring in the dairy cows. we have let them out in the yard to fine tune the young dogs, I don't have as many sheep as you. And then there are the dairy goats. That really tests their metal. Do you have any designs with border collies on it?