Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold Day to be a Sheep Farmer

Below zero this morning with wicked biting wind. Not the best day to be a sheep farmer. The water tubs looked like this.

The silage is frozen. The Farmer peels little bits off the giant bale to feed to the waiting ewes. Eventually the sun will help melt the silage so by mid-afternoon it won't be quite as slow and tedious to feed. I know - I was in charge the other day when The Farmer had to go out of town. Made me appreciate what he does even more.

Never the less, the barn yarn looked calm and serene, if a bit busy. Do you see the ewe using the "scratching post" for a massage?

The older lambs are getting really playful. They have discovered the manure pile and love to play king and queen of the mountain. For all you composters, the manure is removed from the greenhouse barn once a year in the fall. It gets set just outside the barn. In the summer or late fall, after resting a year, The Farmer spreads it on his hay fields with a manure spreader. Good stuff!

These guys were snoozing in the sun.

Isn't this one the cutest? Love the little black nose.

And these twins look intertwined, don't they?

Good weekend everyone. Thanks so much to Kay and Ann over at the fabulous Mason-Dixon Knitting Blog for giving my new book a plug! I loved what Ann wrote - how she compared my neutral colored sheep photos to my very colorful knits. It doesn't exactly make sense, does it? But that's how it is outside at our farm this time of year. Gotta get a color fix somehow. Might as well knit colorfully! Don't you love their books? They have such a great sense of humour and convey it so well on the pages of their books. They're also not afraid of Fair Isle and steeking. Girls after my own knitting heart! Thanks again guys.


Sarah said...

I followed the link over here from mason-Dixon yesterday, and I gotta say I'm really enjoying your blog! I think every fiber junkie dreams of operating a sheep farm, but just looking at these photos makes me exhausted! :)

Turtle said...

sarah said it very well! I was happily suprised to see your book plugged in one of the Maryjane's books the other day as well. She plugged you very positively!

Our plans have just changed as of yesterday (no 3 year stay on vancouver island now, gov funding changes)But we are still putting this house on the market. Hubby actually commented yesterday that we would need more land area if we were to ever have any animals. (this was a happy phrase coming from my city boy! I am slowly changing him!)

Virginia said...

Love the lamb pix!

And I was very excited to see the Mason Dixon ladies plugging your book yesterday. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I love the faces of your sweet lambs, and the contentment in the sheep lying in the yard. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

Love both your blogs. They delight me daily and I'm so appreciative of your books, their books, and the talents and inspiration you, Kay, and Ann share with all knitters.

Lyn said...

What beautiful photos Kristin, the sun was just right and the lambs are so cute!

Anonymous said...

This all looks way to familiar..don't you just love your life with sheep? I've really enjoyed your blog and look forward to coming back often! - MaLinda

kelley Hart said...

So funny that you wrote "yarn" for yard! Talk about an intertwining life. Stay warm!