Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Announcing 2010 Classes at Kristin Nicholas' Leyden Glen Farm

I've been threatening for a few weeks now. After wrangling with Paypal code, taking both my computers in and out of the shop a few times (happily, they are both fine and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg - thank you Brown Computers of Brattleboro), I am all set to say today...

Here's the new schedule for Kristin Nicholas' Getting Stitched on the Farm Classes for 2010:


Blueberry Themed Knitting/Stitching Immersion Weekend featuring knitting and stitching, learning about sheep farming, learn how to work with color in your stitching, enjoy an old-fashioned hayride and eat lots of local wild blueberries, lamb and more.

Here's a piece of knitting that I embellished and added edges to. You'll learn how to do this and more.

AUGUST 14/15

Blueberry Themed Fabric Decoration Immersion Weekend featuring block printing on fabric, embroidery on fabric, and painting on fabric, a farm tour, a hayride and eating lots of wild blueberries and more.

The lampshade below is how I paint on fabric with textile paints. I'll be teaching you how.

Here are a couple pieces of fabric that I made with block printing. You'll make the blocks to print from and print some fabric to take home.

October 2/3
Knitting and Stitching Immersion Weekend featuring knitting, stitching, a farm tour, a hayride and eating lots of farm-grown food. If the sunflowers are still blooming (frost willing), we'll celebrate them. Local apples will be in their prime for a quick round of homemade cider making.

Hop on over to my "Get Stitched Classes" Website for more information and registration procedures.

This year, I've given you all plenty of notice to plan your vacation around the "Get Stitched on the Farm" classes. Our area is full of fabulous places to visit, tour, enjoy and shop at. I've given you a low-down of highlights on this page of the "Get Stitched Classes" website.


Virginia said...

It sounds divine!

I'll have to see how the fundage is doing (or figure out how to get somebody to send me there for my birthday) closer to the date.

jackie said...


cecilia said...

Hi, is this the Kristin who used to work for Classic Elite Yarns? This is Cecilia from Frittelli & Lockwood Textiles who used to be your customer.... Happened upon your site from a knitting shop link....I'm a shop owner in Saratoga springs NY. Are you ever in the area? Please stop in if so and I'll do the same....
Here's my blog
Your place sounds really neat.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, but ALas I cannot come. On another note, I wanted to tell you that yer book has inspired to look at my home differently: I have two ottomans that are our living room "coffee table" and the tops especially have gotten rather worn. I was gonna replace them or sew a cover for each of them, but now I've decided that I will knit covers for them both, and probably something bright and maybe even felted.Hmmm....I knit some new lampshades too. You've created a monster!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you for your blog about your classes. There is no way that I can get there living across the country and having several small children at home to care for, not to mention the cost of actually getting there. However, that being said, I read your blog all the time and I dream of someday being able to take one of your farm classes. Even though from where I sit now it is not likely, I really appreciate the daydream and I wanted to thank you for that!

Kekumukula said...

These classes sound so wonderful to take. I wish I lived near enough to be able to experience such a thing.