Friday, February 26, 2010

In The Dark

We have just gotten our power back after two days in the dark. Lucky it wasn't longer. Only thing I was worried about was the meat in the freezer but thanks to our farm truck and an "inverter" which we use to power our freezers at the Farmer's Markets, we were able to keep our freezers going. At least there was snow to melt for water. We still have a "corded phone" so we didn't feel too cut off from family and friends.

I spent the daylight hours packing postcard and book orders until it was too dark to see anymore. Got everything out that came in before Sunday. Look for them if you ordered. Thank you again for all those orders. I am temporarily out of "Sheep in Sweaters" Cards but they are on re-order. I will try to e-mail everyone who is back-ordered. Please be patient. The cards should be back in stock in two weeks. Thanks. Never did I think these would be such a hit!

My e-mail in-box is exploding. Trying to get back to everyone.

Weather has been crazy like many parts of the country this year. Mostly, we have escaped snow and all of you down south have gotten what we typically get. Not this time. Over a foot of heavy wet snow compounded by another second day of cold wet rain. Everything turned to ice overnight. Now more snow. No power for over two days. We shall see what the day brings here.

Miserable few days to be a sheep.

Or a sheep farmer.

If you are a cat living here in our farmhouse, it's hard to make up your mind if you want to be in or out. It is a daily service I supply here - slave to all the cats' fickle ways. In.... Out..... In..... Out......

Or 84 who is now living with the rest of the sheep and learning to walk through snow.

84 follows The Farmer around the field.

He would rather be living with his first family in luxury but it was time for him to be a sheep and live like a sheep.

The sheep have plowed their own little trails through the snow to get to the bales of haylage.

High winds last night and through tomorrow. Hope the power holds. Time will tell.

Upcoming Kristin Events:
R.J. Julia Booksellers - The Joy of Color Talk - Friday evening March 5th, Madison, CT.
This Sunday, February 28th, Creative Embroidery on Knits, Knit or Dye, Brattleboro, VT.


Kar said...

Hopefully the power will stay on for you guys.

I love the Farmers new little friend that tags along behind him. Too cute!

kingshearte said...

Squee! 84 is so cute!

dottykatz said...

Do the other sheep cuddle with 84 so he can stay warm?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin,

Perhaps you do what we do when the power comes back on but the weather is still nasty - we fill our bathtub with water. If the power goes out again, we've got a supply!

Since your in-box is full, I will write my long overdue thank you here. I picked up my book and postcard order from the post office back in January and had I not forced myself to wait until that evening to open the package, I fear I would have cancelled all of my appointments that day - just to stay put and savour it all! Thank you so much! At first, I didn't want to part with any of my 'sleeping bee in sunflower' postcards but rather, put them all over the house - such beauty! Eventually, I began to use some to send notes to school, all to rave reviews! And, we all know the wonder of 'Color By Kristin'. My family and I are so thrilled with our copy, signed by you and sweet Julia. Can't wait to place my next order!

Thank you for everything,

Claire said...

Hey Kristin, obviously dealing with all that snow is not as much fun as it looks.
Love the photos of your moggy at the window.
Just as well the sheep have their winter woolly coats on.As my dear mum used to say "you can't beat wool for warmth". Those words are ringing in my ears and I find myself repeating them to my 18y.o. son!!
Hope you don't get too much more severe weather.
Sending you warm wishes from "Downunder".

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Two whole days without power! Wow, that would be really hard! We are so spoiled with all of our conveniences

That little #84 is just too cute for words. I think that you should just let her come in until the snow melts. Ha Ha
I am very excited about the postcards that I ordered, but if I am on the back-order list I will try to be patient. :)

Lucy said...

Would you please consider making the cat photo available somehow? I just love it! It is a perfect combination of subject and composition. Cute, beautiful, atmospheric!

Thistledew Farm said...

Haven't visit you in a while - it was fun catching up - love the lambie in the knit sweater - so sweet. I think I'd rather be a sheep in your weather than anyone else!

kelley Hart said...

Love the kitty photo in the snow! My cats would freak out! It's raining here in So. Cal. and that's enough to keep them in. You are brave and hearty folk.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the sheep in bright coats...and your sense of humor, the book title is great! Stay warm and dry!

And those purple shoes on your friend are killer!

Diana Troldahl said...

Who does your printing?
They do a fabulous job, and I'll be looking for a printer later this summer.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I agree with Lucy. Cat cards would be lovely. Have you considered printing note cards, too? I would be very interested in purchasing some. Can't wait for the sheep cards to be in stock again.