Friday, March 12, 2010

Betsy's Adventure and One Cute Pup

Check out Betsy McCarthy's new blog. Here she tells about her adventure knitting with Jane Pauley. Looks like her classic sock book is being re-issued by Storey soon. I wonder if they are using the shape of the sock. I think this is the first in that fun series they did with die-cut, shaped covers. Betsy finished the socks knit with my Best Foot Forward and they look lovely!

The Farmer wants you to know about a new show that is almost finished airing in Great Britain on BBC2. It is called Lambing Live. Doesn't look like it will play in the States (at least not on my computer) but maybe someone can find out how we all can watch it. Here are some clips that you should be able to watch on YouTube.

Linda M. sent me a photo of her adorable Llasa Apso Oscar in his Dog in Sheep's Clothing she made for him.

She wrote me this.....
"I was so happy it turned out so well.  My mother is a master knitter, but I
struggle. It's nice to have a success. We keep him clipped pretty short
and our temps are still hitting single digits, so he definitely likes his
sweaters and shivers when we take them off."

Great job Linda - you should be proud. You can purchase the pattern here on my website.

I'm off to teach at Nancy O's this weekend. Can't wait because I have heard so much about this store.


Anne said...

What a lovely comment on your yarn in Betsy's blog. Thanks for sharing.

Virginia said...

That is a super cute doggie (and nice work on the sweater, Linda!)

Aunt Nancy said...

So cute great job, I just took my first knitting class, I'll be making a few dishcloths before I attempt a sewater. I have to let Kristin know I've never touched a crochet hook but your tutorial on easy flowers was great and I've made several. Who knows I may just make a sewater someday and add those wonderful flowers.