Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My Sock Yarn on The Today Show + Class Updates

My friend Linda just sent me this link. Jane Pauley of Jane Pauley fame interviews Betsy McCarthy on The Today Show knitting and speaking about changing her life and re-inventing herself. Nice interview and look hard at the sock yarn she is knitting....

Yes, it's my Best Foot Forward sock yarn. What a thrill. Thanks for the heads-up Linda and Sandy. I've never met Betsy so it was really nice to see her on the t.v. and hear her voice.

My talk and book signing down in Madison, CT at RJ Julia was a huge success. Thanks to all of you blog readers who came. It was nice to meet you all and share the color. What a totally fabulous bookstore! Go if you haven't been. Julia and I were treated like queens - a nice quick dinner in their RJ Cafe, a book to take home as a gift (I picked up Sophie Dahl's Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights strictly because I had about 1 minute to choose and I was attracted to the cover), and two hostesses to set up, get the projector working, take care of the door prizes, and keep me on a time schedule.

A heads-up about upcoming Kristin events......
The classes this weekend in Ridgefield CT are sold-out. The classes in Harvard, MA (March 20th) are close to sold out. See the sidebar for more information.

I'm doing an event called The Knit-A-Thon at The Wellesley Booksmith in Wellesley, MA on March 27th along with a group of other authors. I did this day a couple years ago and it was great fun. Here's the link. It is free, I think.

Update on the "Getting Stitched Classes at The Farm" -- There are only 3 spaces left in the July 31/August 1 class. If you are on the fence and thinking about it, I suggest signing up soon to avoid disappointment. Here's the link. These classes are small and intimate and like no other knitting class you have taken. You can read comments from last year's students here.

My phone line for my modem is out again. I think that is the third time so far in 2010. Thank goodness for WIFI at the library. If you are trying to get a hold of me by e-mail, please be patient.


Diane H K in Greenfield said...

I'm so pleased you had a good time at RJ Julia. Lovely shop, lovely town. One of the places I miss most after having moved north.

Tomorrow we're shearing the Cormos. The BL, Southdowns, and Kimchi the llama will be shorn in May.

Be sure to tell me when shearing day is at your place so I can come help skirt the fleeces so you can sell them... :D

Anonymous said...

I read an interview with Sophie Dahl about the book (maybe in W?? -- it was a fashion mag..) It sounds good.

Glad the signing was a success.


goldwman said...

I hav that yarn aging in my stash....I can see I better get it to the top of the heap.

Christine said...

I saw that clip yesterday but it was sooo annoying to have that banner present the WHOLE interview, so that you couldn't see the actual knitting/hands/good stuff of Betsy!

I tried all kinds of ways to get rid of it.....so good eyes on whomever was able to see that it was your yarn, Kristin.

Marsha Lynn Cunningham said...

The interview took place in a suburb of my hometown, Lakewood, WA. at Yorkshire Yarns. When you are in our area, be sure to stop and visit.
Parts of it were filmed at Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat in Tacoma, WA
Madrona is a wonderful event held every year in Tacoma. Put it on your must do list.