Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm A Rainbow? So They Say.....

I just received the newest issue of Knit Simple Magazine. This issue of Knit Simple is packed with lots of approachable projects that one could actually finish before it gets hot. Many of the designs look like they would work all year long in warmer climates. Carla Patrick Scott does a great job at making easy projects look good. I've been waiting for this package because I've been curious to see the article that Karin Strom wrote about me finally in print. Here it is.

We here at Leyden Glen Farm were not disappointed - it's a two page spread full of colorful photos of our farm, my knits from Color By Kristin, and a nice article entitled "She's A Rainbow." And there's a great introduction to my Classes on the Farm in the article! Yippee! This is just what I needed to get the word out to the general knitting public, besides all of you wonderfully loyal blog readers..... Karin came up to visit me at the end of last summer to research the article and this is one of the fruits of the visit.

Speaking of fruits, here is the new cover of Yarn Market News. Aren't these yarn tomatoes great?

Karin is also the Editor of Yarn Market News, THE magazine for local yarn shop owners. It's a great publication that I look forward to every couple of months. Although most of the material isn't exactly for everyday knitters, some of you may find it fun to look through Karin's blog to see what makes the yarn industry tick. I especially love the very creative covers the team at YMN manages to put together. Check them out here on their "cover gallery." As I was flipping through the pages of the magazine, deciding what to read first, I of course gravitated to the article called "The Color of Money."

This was a fascinating article about the importance of color and merchandising in yarn stores. As I further explored the article, I thought to myself, oh, there's that egg cup idea of mine, using a ball of colorful yarn as an egg. I took a photo similar to that and it's on sale in my webstore here as a postcard, shown below.

As I looked further into the headlines of the photos in YMN, I then realized that they used my yarn Julia for the little yarn eggs. Cute. Glad they chose my yarn instead of someone else's!

The popularity of eggs, chickens, and all things egg related continues to be a trend that pops up all over the media, doesn't it. Here's an article from The New Yorker which is just fueling the fire. I just heard that the City of Holyoke just south of here is looking at letting people raise chickens in their yards too.

I've been busy here - it's the time of year when the yarn companies and magazines are needing sweaters for next fall's collections. Just when it's getting warm and beautiful out and my yard is calling, I have to lock myself in to swatch and knit patterns. It will be over soon and then I can attack some outdoor projects.

So there's some behind the scenes info into the yarn industry for you this beautiful sunny Monday morning. Good week everyone.


mitchowl said...

I love your tag, "Shameless Self-Promotion". Ha ha ha. That's awesome. What a great spread in the mag. I love the yarn in egg cup idea. That's very creative.

Virginia said...

Egg cups and yarn. Good idea!

Honestly, I'm not a yarn-store owner, but I've been plotting (and instituting) ways to decorate with yarn in my apartment for a while.

Rose said...

I saw the article in Knit Simple last week; so glad it was such a nice one.

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the cover gallery. Very creative and beautiful covers.

Laurie said...

Must head out to bookstore today. LOVE the yarnie tomatoes!!!

Kekumukula said...

I love how yarn can be staged creatively. Congrats to you and the farm. How exciting.