Friday, April 30, 2010

The Long Climb Up

Before I left the farm to teach at Marji's Ewephoric Knitting Weekend in CT this weekend, I took a nice long walk with the dogs. The sheep have been grazing our neighbor's giant hill for a few weeks now. It is a spectacular sight, as they slowly eat their way up and down this large expanse of grass. The field has really greened up since they have been intensively grazing the field, spreading manure as they go.

It's a giant hill and quite a work-out to walk up. The Farmer is fit and can walk up it without huffing and puffing. Me? Not so good. I'll keep walking it though and it will get easier. Cheaper than a treadmill and way prettier.

If I were a dog, I would be panting like Phoebe was.

Nessie on the other hand is a speed demon flying up the hill. Do you see her? She is the little spec below the pine trees in front of the white birches. I told you, this is a big hill......
Here is the view when you get on top of the hill. You can see all the way down to Springfield and CT.

When we reached the sheep, we climbed over the electronet fence. The sheep were already flocked together because Nessie had arrived before Phoebe and I. These sheep are all adults who are used to reacting to the dogs.

I doubt the sheep think about the hill, nor the view. They're all about the grass.

One ewe was off to the side, not with the flock. On closer inspection, she wasn't alone. She had lambed last night and was with her cute little lamb.

Here's Mama and baby.

The Farmer swung on by to check to make sure everyone was okay. I'm pretty sure he's thinking, "Boy this beats winter lambing."


Kekumukula said...

What a beautiful area to walk around and view Mother's Nature's gifts. Oh yes, when you started posting spring photos, I thought of your husband and how much more he would like the weather since he's outdoors every day!

kate said...

so pretty! Hope I can visit someday! keep up those uphill walks- good for soul, mind, body :>

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Very beautiful place. And the baby lamb is adorable!!!

Mt. Mom said...

Nessie for scale really helped understand how "big" -- lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kristin... just wanted to say Thanks for pointing me towards the classes at Marji's ..... I had a wonderful time, and really enjoyed your classes! (It was fun to meet you in real life, after reading about your real life here for so long.)

Barbara M.

Jude said...

Kristin - I've been following your blog for a while now. I love the pictures you post and the lamb are so adorable. I've recently purchased your book, Color by Krisin, and it is so inspiring!! And thanks for all the inspiration you give me daily from your blog posts!

Become a police officer said...

The view from the hill is magnificent! It must be wonderful to go to that place and relax.