Friday, July 23, 2010

A B-Day Tomorrow and My New Model Lorelei

My sweet daughter Julia is turning 12 tomorrow. As I was painting, painting, and painting the new studio space, I spent a long time thinking back to her arrival in the world and the years her Dad and I have spent with her since. The last days of July always make this happen. I'll save those thoughts for another day though. As any mother knows, the life of a child goes so fast when you look back on it. I will admit, when I was going through those early years, I wondered how I would ever get through it all - the different phases of baby, toddler, and childhood. But now it is almost over and we are on to other phases like summer crushes, lip gloss and the like.

To top it all off, my little girl doesn't want to model for me anymore! I have to beg and beg and I've got to face it, Julia is just too old to be darn adorable. I was lamenting this about a month ago to my friend Diane and she said she would love to have her daughter be a model for me. Yay! Early one morning in July, Lorelei and Diane arrived at the farm. We hopped in the truck and headed up the road to a field that I thought might make a nice setting for the shoot for Olympia's Felted Flowers.

Lorelei was such a trooper. She listened with intent, taking her modeling job very serious. I knew I was getting some lovely photos and that it would be hard to pick just one for the new pattern. When I downloaded the photos later in the day, I called Diane to let her know she would be getting some awesome photos of her little girl.

So today I am sharing some out-takes of that beautiful summer day in the field of grasses and wildflowers.

Lorelei is showing off the flowers she picked that day.

Then she climbed up the hill.

And walked down our dirt road.

I think the Felted Flowers on a basket would be the perfect choice for a knitter who needs a special basket for her Flower Girl, don't you?

This one is my favorite. I love her little smile....

Thank you Lorelei for doing such a great job! And thank you Diane and John) for bringing your beautiful little daughter into the world and sharing her with all my readers.

You can buy the PDF downloadable pattern for "Olympia's Knit + Crochet Felted Flowers" here on my website. Thanks to all of you who have already ordered it. I hope you are having fun making the flowers and leaves!

p.s. I have added Olympia's Knit + Crochet Flowers to Ravelry. Here's the link if you want to "favorite" it. Thanks.


Lyn said...

She is a cutie, i like the one where she is walking u the road and looking back.

Asakiyume said...

Aww, I read Diane's LiveJournal--in fact, she was the one who introduced me to your beautiful blog (which I read without commenting, but always enjoy).

These are delightful pictures of her daughter.

Barbara Meyers said...

Lorelei is awfully cute, but I disagree with you, Kristin.... Julia is still "DARN ADORABLE."

Having said that, as a kid who grew up with a mother in the newspaper business who wrote columns about her family, I certainly appreciate her desire for a little bit of privacy! It was tough growing up, knowing that a situation that made a very good story would also get you seriously teased on the school bus the next day! (Now that I'm a grown-up grandmother myself, I can understand and appreciate what good fodder 5 kids were.... but I really hated having my failure at cheerleading tryouts announced to the whole world.)

I think it is great that you can be sensitive to her needs.... definitely you are a good mother. I loved your classes at Marji's weekend, and always enjoy your blog. Thanks!

Barbara M.

Diane H K in Greenfield said...

Aw, shucks, this post really made my day! Lorelei is looking over my shoulder and grinning at the pictures onscreen.

Julia is still very adorable, Kristin. Her smile is amazing and lights up a room, and she's so gentle and caring. Please give her our very best birthday wishes tomorrow!

Lorelei just said, "Julia is a nice girl. I like her a LOT!" So there you have it.

marit said...

Great photos of Lorelei! She reminds me a little bit of Julia.

Happy Birthday to Julia! My youngest turns 13 tomorrow(the 24th)- that means four teenagers in the household...

Have a great day:-)

Virginia said...

Happy birthday, Julia!

And happy Julia's birthday, mom and dad...

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Julia! My birthday is July 24th as well and have always loved finding others who share that wonderful date!

Holli Yeoh said...

Lorelei is a sweet model. I know the challenge of finding a child the right size to model for patterns. You've found a winner!

Allabitrandom said...

Who could resist that lovely smile? I just faved your flowers.....I will get round to trying them sometime!
From an April Julia to a July Julia - Happy Birthday!

Julie said...

What a little doll! Great idea for a wedding basket.
Happy birthday to Julia (from a May Julie)!

Turtle said...

such a cutie! I have always liked the name lorelei, lol, when i first moved to CT the bar next door was named Lorelei

Kieren said...

SOO SOOO cute! I love that pink and green combo...just finished a baby quilt for a friend with those same colors!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a cutie! I need one of those. I have 4 boys!! LOL. Wonderful pictures.

Turtle said...

lol, hey watched u on tv this morning.

Cathy said...

Hi Kristin
I started looking you up after seeing old reruns of Knit and Crochet Today. I am blown away by your mastery of color combinations.
I love all the pictures you take and in this post your little model is adorable.
Thanks for taking the time to blog - it really brightens up my day.
I grew up in a rural part of Australia (though not on a farm) so I can empathize with you about the sheer hard work that goes into being a farmer. What you are accomplishing is amazing.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Lorelei is so cute! These pictures put a smile on my face!