Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flower Weekend on Our Farm - Day One

Finally getting to posting about last weekend. I had a wonderful group of guests who were motivated to absorb the farm atmosphere and learn about color. We began the day with a tour of the farm led by The Farmer and then headed on down to the new studio.

The title of the class was "A Celebration of Color and Flowers." It was a new class I had planned and I wasn't sure how it would go. I had a schedule in my mind and goals on what I would teach the students but so much of throwing a class like this depends on the individual students. I was so pleased with how they responded to my ideas.

We began with a color exercise that everyone had lots of fun with. We all plucked flowers from the garden and brought them back inside.

Each student made up several colorways using my stash of Julia Yarn inspired by their flowers. Here's the table in disarray full of beautiful colorways and natural inspiration.

Here are some more of the student colorways. This is an easy exercise to do but also very enlightening and a visual learning experience that everyone understands and learns from.

The rest of the afternoon was spent knitting and crocheting and creating individual flowers inspired by the student's choices from the garden. By the end of the afternoon, everyone had finished their flowers. Here they are all laid out and ready for felting. Some of the flowers were brought from home as "homework." The students were provided with Olympia's Felted Flower Pattern and asked to do as much as they could depending on their schedule and life.

It was finally time to stop work for the evening. The Farmer arrived with the tractor and haywagon and we all climbed aboard. Here's the view from the top of the hill where you can see forever.

We continued on - in the distance you can see Mt. Monadnock.

Then we stopped at the blueberry field to see how the low bush berries grow.

On the way back to the farm, our neighbor Debbie gave us some blueberries for dinner.

We ate a fabulous dinner prepared by my friends Linda and Alice who wowed all of us with meals throughout the weekend. Unfortunately I have no photos of their amazing meals. The dinner was a lovely end to the first day of the weekend. The guests went back to their B&B's and we all collapsed into bed.


Cat said...

Ok, this just looks like a HECK of a lot of fun! I don't know exactly what I would do with a felted flower, but the finding of posies, and knitting of same just looks like it would be great!


Kar said...

I just love all the different colorways that were made with the flowers from outside. Gorgeous! Wish I could have been at that class.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible idea for a class. Oh I would have loved to be a part of it. So glad I can read about it and see your photos!

Evelyn said...

That sounds and looks so cool. And having picked low-bush blueberries, I know how much work those berries represent.