Friday, September 24, 2010

Farmer's Market Festival in Bernardston

Our Bernardston Farmers Market Festival on Tuesday was a huge success. We organized it very quickly and really were not sure if anyone would show, considering it was a Tuesday. But show they did. I really think the secret to getting people out was the FREE ice cream that was donated by Bart's/Snow's of Greenfield! And the radio ads Julia did on WHAI. (Radio really works for publicity around here!) Here are some photos from the afternoon.

My sister-in-law Debbie (wife of the other farmer David, Mark's brother) and our friend Sharon in front of the Our Family Farms booth.

The scoopers - Amanda on the right and Julia on the left. Julia is from the new business in town Kringle Candle Co. They donated a fabulous gift basket (and they aren't even open yet!)

Bernardston Farmers Supply, our local feed, woodstove, and garden supply store had a nice display. They were amazed at the turn-out.

Our friends Peggy and Clara brought Junie their dog to visit. That's Clara dressed up as an ear of corn! What a hoot!

We can now purchase locally grown wheat here in the Pioneer Valley. Check out Four Stars Farm website.

Knitter extraordinaire Melissa Morgan-Oakes was selling her honey and her daughter Megan demonstrated spinning with wool from our sheep.

Local music from Maddie and Lana from Bernardston Elementary School playing their flutes - how cute.

More local music from world-famous Stuart Kenney and his son Matthew.

Ervin selling produce from his Coyote Hill Farm. He never stopped smiling once - he was selling so much!

Maple products from the Severance Family in Northfield. They sold out too!

One of the many extremely cute babies who attended with ice cream dripping down her chin. Awwww!

Sandy Streeter was selling her beautiful pottery birds. I love these!

My friend Mike (who owns 7 South Bakery Cafe) volunteered to cook our lamb, Carrie's kielbasa, and Ervin and Gloria's veggies. Thank you Mike!

And he made this awesome bread cornucopia which he donated for a door-prize.

Julia's friend Levi set up an impromptu stand and sold his art and took orders for his comic books! He is such a great kid.

By the time it was time to close up, the moon was up and it was getting dark. It was such an awesome afternoon. It really is amazing how much we accomplished and pulled together in a short time and the luck we had with finding local businesses for vending. Thanks to all who came out!

Julia and I will be at Fibertwist tomorrow in Deerfield. The event is being held at Yankee Candle's Fitness Center (next to Yankee Candle). It is right off of Rt. 91. There is an enormous parking lot. If you come, please stop by to say hi!


Paige Johnson said...

How lovely for all of you that the farmer's market was such a success! I hope it becomes a regular thing for your community. It sounds like people are very receptive to it.

Christine said...

Here's an idea for you.
Get listed on this website.
There is a meat section that includes lamb plus a yarn/wool section.

The more people that know about you and can contact you the better!

MicheleinMaine said...

What a great time!

My friend Stephanie from Dirty Water Dyeworks will be at Fibertwist today as well(she'll also have some of my bags). I hope it's a great show!