Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunflower Harvest Season Has Begun....

Our sunflower field has suffered this year..... for lack of time to devote to it. Between The Farmer and I, we are now doing 5 Farmers Markets. The time we usually devoted to the Sunflower Field (late afternoons and early evening) has now been slurped away by the markets. The field is on a heavily traveled road which we are on at least 8 or 10 times a day. All summer long, I drove by both embarrassed by the shambles it looked and with the angst of the pressure to weed. Who says farming is low stress and lots of fun? Don't believe it!

But you know, the plants and flowers have not anxiety at all. We were able to weed quite a few of the rows and once the plants got big enough, we just forgot about the weeds. As sunflowers always do, they grow quickly and pretty soon they just put a smile on everyone's face. Last weekend, after a quick end of the summer trip to Lake Champlain, I started my annual harvest. All week long, I've been cutting the flowers in the morning and evening and they are traveling away to neighbors' kitchen tables, I assume.

This year I found a new variety to plant. It is called The Giant. It is a single stem (that means you only get one bloom per plant). It is stunning but sadly, they are all done. I got the seeds from this website Outside

Johnny's Selected Seeds is where I usually get most of my sunflower seeds. They have cut out some of my favorite varieties much to my chagrin. I especially liked a flower called "The Joker" but it is gone now sadly.

Every year, we talk about not planting the sunflower field because of the extra work. And then harvest time comes and I start picking. And I remember how much fun it is to walk through the rows thick with multi-headed blooms, full of bees and butterflies, ladybugs, and all kinds of little critters. We'll see about next year. Gotta take it one day at a time and these days it is all about picking and spreading the sunflower love... Good week everyone!


Manise said...

Here's The Joker:

It certainly is a beauty. I can see how it is a favorite of yours.

Virginia said...

They are really gorgeous. But I can see why you wouldn't want to deal with the extra work.

bookagent said...

They are BEAUTIFUL. Perhaps you could cut and take them to market as well. Another product to sell and it will bring smiles to many.

Sojourner Design said...

We have a number of sunflowers in our garden this year and I can't say enough about how much enjoyment they have brought. I used to love them for their goofy cheerful appearance. But they contribute so much more!

Now we love to sit on our little deck just above them and watch the bees, the yellow finches and the sparrows. They have brought so much life to our little garden. In fact there's a photo of that view from the deck on the latest page of my blog.