Friday, November 26, 2010

2011 Leyden Glen Farm Calendars - Available exclusively by PDF Downloads

I hope everyone in the States had a Happy Thanksgiving full of turkey, family and fun. We're continuing our Thanksgiving Holiday, spending today at my sister Nancy's in New Hampshire - eating leftover turkey and doing a Christmas craft. Today I want to share with you something I have been working on for a few weeks.

Over the past few years, I have had many requests for calendars made from my photos of our farm. I have hemmed and hawed over it but this year I bit the bullet and spent several days editing photos and building a set of calendars. They are a little different than your normal calendar. They are available EXCLUSIVELY HERE on my blog via PDF Download.

Once you buy the download, a message will be sent to your inbox with Download Instructions. (Make sure you download the calendars within the specified amount of time - otherwise you will have to contact me for further downloads.) Each calendar comes with 12 pages of months, a cover and a back page. When you buy the download, you can print the calendar out as many times as you want - either on your own computer or at an office store. If you are so inclined, you can use the files to make calendar presents for your friends and share a bit of our Animals, Sunflowers, and Domestic Scenes with them. You can keep one at your office and one at your house.

There are 3 calendar versions and each costs $6.50. Each calendar month prints on a standard 8 1/2 x 11" page making it a calendar which would fit nicely in an office cubby or near a phone. The photo is at the top half of the page and the days are on the bottom half of the page:

Animals of Leyden Glen Farm

12 months of sheep and lamb photos following the cycle of the year here at Leyden Glen Farm.


Sunflowers of Leyden Glen Farm
12 months of sunflowers. I thought this might be fun for you all to gift to friends of yours who could care less about sheep or yarn or wool but who might like to be introduced to our farm and the blog.


Domestic Scenes of Leyden Glen Farm

12 months of pretty photos. This calendar also includes 2 bonus months - you can choose which image you want for April and September. The bonus months are 2 photos of sheep which are not included in the Sheep Calendar. This calendar also includes two of my favorite cookie recipes.

Domestic Life

Calendar Bundle - Buy all 3 calendars!
You can also purchase a CALENDAR BUNDLE. You will receive all 3 calendar files for $15.00. The email you receive will give you 3 separate download codes so that the file sizes are much smaller than if it was a giant multi-page file.

Leyden Glen Farm 3-Calendar Special Offer

I went to Staples and had them print them out for me so that I could show you how they look if an "office store" does the printing for you. The Sunflower Calendar (below right) is spiral bound and included a clear plastic cover, a punched hole and a cardboard cover. Here it is next to my telephone (below right). My version of "The Animals of Leyden Glen Farm" Calendar uses an office clip and I have it hanging on the door of my computer cabinet (below left). It is easy to un-do, change the month, and re-hang. My version of "Domestic Scenes of Leyden Glen Farm" is put together with my Julia Yarn (center). I punched two holes in the same spot on each page and then threaded the yarn through all the pages. It is easy to flip the pages on this one too.

In order to preview the calendars, I made up some little videos of the images. Sort of like the back of a calendar that you look at in a store but via video on your computer with music! Check them out!

The Sunflowers of Leyden Glen Farm Calendar:

The Animals of Leyden Glen Farm Calendar:

The Domestic Scenes of Leyden Glen Farm Calendar:

The Farmer, Julia and I sincerely thank you for your support of our farm and creative pursuits. It is a pleasure to share glimpses of our life on our sheep farm with all of you throughout the blogosphere.

p.s. If you don't do Paypal or order on the web, you can fill out the order form on my shop page here and send a check to my PO Box. I will then e-mail you the files. (Please make sure you send your email address on your order form!)


pzi236 said...

These are beautiful calendars! I was just wondering if you remember roughly how much it cost to have Staples print one out and bind it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The photos are lovely! Is there a page with calendar spaces big enough to write in? How else can we keep on track?! The shot of your kitchen does not make clear whether there are these pages or not. All the best.---Skeindalous

rashid1891 said...

The Farmer, Julia and I sincerely thank you for your support of our farm and creative pursuits. It is a pleasure to share glimpses of our life on our sheep farm with all of you throughout the blogosphere.