Friday, December 03, 2010

Kristin's Knitting Inspired Holiday Cards - For a Limited Time Only

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You asked for it! And here they are for a limited time only..... drumroll please.....

Knitting themed folded holiday cards!

These are not my normal postcards! Printed on super heavy glossy card stock with white envelopes. All cards are blank inside. Size: 4.25" x 5.5". These cards are only available on the blog - They are not listed on my website.
These will only be available until my supply runs out. I won't be able to re-order before the holidays so jump on it if you want some!

Sets of 10 of a design - $12.50 each set plus postage & handling (you can find those rates on the shop page of my website here but they will pop up when you order on Paypal).

A Merry Knitmas

I painted this Christmas scene using gouache. Inset in a purple border. Image features handknit cabled, lace and colorwork stockings, a sheep painting over the mantelpiece, a shepherdess and her sheep, a knitter's gift list, balls of yarn, knitting needles and a tea cup.

White Lamb in Pink Coat with Crochet Flowers

Winter White Lamb wearing a pink knitted sweater with crochet flowers. Who will be able to say anything but ahhhh.... A perfect card for sheep and wool lovers at the holidays or whenever. (Don't worry - no © on card front!)

Black Lamb in Striped Coat

For sheep lovers too! A teensy black day-old lamb dressed in a red striped coat. How sweet! A perfect card for the holidays or whenever. (Don't worry - no © on card front!)

If you are an international or Canadian customer, I will send you an additional invoice for the cards once the freight is calculated at the Post Office. When you pay the extra freight invoice, I will ship the cards.

As always, my family and I thank you for your support of our farm and knitting enterprise! Happy Holidays to all of you out there! FYI - the pattern for the sheep/dog coat is available for sale by PDF download on my webpage here.


Auntie Shan said...



Farmchick said...

oh my...adorable pictures! :)

I am out bloghopping...and I found my way here. Hope you can stop by my farm for a visit. :)

Anne said...

Beautiful Cards Kristin! I love your Knitmas painting~

Tonia said...

Is shipping for the Knitmas Cards
$12.50? That is what comes up on paypal when I add it to my cart...seemed a little I am putting it on hold until I hear from you.

Lori Gayle said...

The shopping cart had a glitch for several hours when the holiday cards first appeared, but it was fixed by the next day and the correct shipping costs are showing up now.

As Kristin may already have suggested to you in a separate e-mail, try refreshing your browser or clearing the cache to remove all traces of the old shopping cart. That should do the trick.

Anne Paulson said...

Hi Kristin - I received my cards yesterday and they are lovely! What a GREAT idea - you have so many gorgeous photos and paintings! Happy Holidays :)

Anonymous said...

I just got my cards and they are just as adorable in person. I'll be sending out my Christmas wishes on the cards with the white lamb wearing the sweater.

Thanks for sharing these with us!

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