Thursday, November 18, 2010

Swirl and Twirl!

Today, after literally months in the making, I've finally got a new pattern for you. What could take so long you say? Especially when you see how cute and fun this one is.... I guess you could say life gets in the way - and Farmers Markets and sheep and all kinds of other stuff.

This one is called Swirly Twirlies. It is quick, easy, and really fun to knit. In fact, these things are so addicting, I couldn't stop and I kept adding sizes.

What are they you say? They are stashbusting super fun projects for your house, your daughter's house, your friend's house. You get it. I knit mine out of my Julia Yarn but of course you can use any feltable wool in your stash. They make great on-the-go projects. I also like them for miniature color studies. Once you start, you won't be able to stop. Here's what I made..... From little to big.

Coasters - perfect for newlyweds with a nice bottle of wine or set of wine glasses. Oldyweds would like them too.

Potholders - If you don't know already - felted wool makes the absolute best potholder in the world. Another great small holiday gift for anyone on your list.

A bit bigger and they become trivets for your table.

And then a super cute wooly chair pad. I got this idea from a summer visit to Ikea. They had these flat pieces of leather and cowhides all over the place. I thought it was a cool idea for knitters to dress their seats in wool. I've sized it in two sizes - for small chairs.....

and larger chairs.....

and then there is the funky pillow. Just right to plop down on your couch this winter.

The Swirly Twirly Pattern is available on my website here on the shop page. If you want to read about the pattern specifics, check out the Julia Yarn page - which by the way has had a re-design and features a new Julia Color Card and a great new PDF download printable Julia Color Card. (Don't forget to hit re-fresh.)

The Swirly Twirly Pattern is now also available in my BRAND-NEW RAVELRY PATTERN STORE. Check it out! It doesn't matter to me where you buy it.

The pattern is $5.00 and gives specific yardages for each project. There are 8 project photos and 3 extra technique photos.

As always, my family and I sincerely thank you for your support of our sheep farm and creative endeavours. Get knitting - the holidays are not too far away! Yikes.


Deborah said...

Very cute! They look so bright and cheery.

silverfox said...

I love them! What cheerful colourful projects! Add them to my list

Grace said...

They are lovely, I will have to make them as presents this Christmas :)

~Sarafina~ said...

OMG so fun! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I just bought your pattern and can't wait to start !! I love your orange tea pot...What's your favorite tea??? I'm a Herb tea drinker....and I love your blog
deb in Illinois

Anonymous said...

~ swirly twirly pinwheels ! ~

I had to buy this pattern :)

~ especially loVe it as cushions and pillows. I think I'll add tassels for the pillows at each color change.
This is so wonderful for the knitter I am, from the Land-Of-Oh-So-Many-Unfinished-Projects. Truly, I have my own Island there. But these little gems, I can actually finish for gifts. They are perfect !!
swirly fun to all,
Shell ~