Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inspiration from Readers!

In the past week I have received a few photos and emails from knitters who are enjoying Color By Kristin, my latest book and some of my PDF Instant Download Patterns. If there is anything that is rewarding about writing books and designing, it is seeing what other knitters do with my designs and projects. I love to see the different color combinations they come up with. I thought I would share some of them with you today and if I'm lucky, I will share some more tomorrow.

From EuJane: "Hi Kristin:I'm a huge fan--your book swept the creative cobwebs from my eyes. I've been using EZ engineering and your palette/designs. I'll attach one picture--thank you so much for the inspiration!!--EuJane (my ravelry name is cellogirl2)"

EuJane made a take-off on the "Southwest-Style Wrap with Sleeves." You can see my original here. Isn't hers fab? Here is the link to the Ravelry page for this project.

Next up is a pillow from Lisa Elswit: "Hi Kristin - Just wanted to show you my finished pillow. I diverted somewhat from your pattern and had a wonderful time! Thank you for the inspiration! I took your class @ Webs. Best Wishes, Lisa"

Here is my original pillow which was featured in this post about the sadly defunct House and Garden Magazine which featured my work. This pattern is available on my shop page here and is called the Turkish Motif Pillow.

From Stephanie Woerner: "Hi Kristin - I thought you'd like to see the hat I made this winter using your Farmgirls pattern for my Knitting Olympics Project. I did not embroider it because it was going to a man and I wasn't sure what he'd think of embroidery. It was a dream to knit. Thank you for spending the time to create the pattern. I had a lot of fun with it and now my husband would like a version (he's open to brighter colors too). Best, Stephanie"

Here is the link to my original post about the "Farmgirls' Stocking Cap" Pattern. If you didn't read my first post about Farmgirls it is one of my very favorites I have ever written. Here is that link! The pattern is available on my Shop Page Here.

Signed copies of Color by Kristin are available in my Shop Page Here. I go to the post office everyday so if you need a copy of it for a friend or loved one - I can help you out!

Keep knitting everyone! Only 9 days left!


Nanci said...

I think I saw Susan Sarandan wearing this sweater in a photo.
Ilove it!
I'm happy to be back for my visits till the lambing season is over even though I am not an "expert" knitter, I enjoy your blog and what you do.

Mama Muh said...


I send you the best greetings from a dairy-cow farm in the north-east of Germany.
Yesterday I`ve bought your book (Color by Christin) and I hope that I will have time in the cristmas holidays for a little bit knitting.
I like your wunderful colors very much!