Sunday, December 12, 2010

Odds and Ends and Some Good Knitting Links

Some quick updates for today. I know many of you are stuck inside with piles of snow outside. But what an opportunity to sit still and KNIT! Lucky people, you! Amazingly, the storm has missed up -- we have sleet but no snow. Here's a photo of Julia in her new "mommy-made" for this season Quarters Cap. The pattern is available here on my shop page for PDF download.

When I was at Stitches East in October, I ran into Marlene from CT. Marlene thanked me for this Quarters Cap PDF Downloadable Pattern. She said she had made this hat so many times, she gave up counting. I told her I too loved the pattern because it is easily memorized. It is great for using up odds and ends of yarn. I wrote the pattern for many sizes - from toddlers to adults making it a quick go-to pattern for gifting. Because the cap is worked in 4 parts, when I sit down to knit, I tell myself I AM GOING TO FINISH ONE SECTION of the cap. Then I can figure out how long it takes to knit a total cap.

Tell me everyone.... Do you do that? Time your knitting so you can figure out how long it takes to knit a row or a cable or color repeat? I find it really helpful when knitting on deadline so I can carve out a chunk of time to be finished with a project on time? What about you? It's a good thing to do with holiday knitting deadlines looming!

I asked Marlene for a quote about the Quarters Cap and here is what she sent to me..... "Kristin's Quarters Cap is so much fun to make and goes very quickly. Each one I have made is unique because of the color choices. And this pattern is very addicting! Every man that has tried this on has loved it - and most have “suggested” that they would like one. My teenage grandson reacted when I asked him to try it on so that I could check the size. He rolled his eyes, but did put it on - and then smiled! Soon after he said “if you make one for me, it will need to be in dark colors”!"

This photo gives you a look at the top of the cap. It does a cute little twirl and almost resembles a chocolate kiss. Click here to see how many of these darn caps I have made and gifted not counting the others I never got photos of!

Back in early October I designed a pair of slipper socks for The Boye Needle Company to be featured in an ad for their new SLIPPER SOCK BOTTOMS. Check out their website here - there are tons of sizes.

Here's the finished project in a photo I snapped before they left our farmhouse. I love how they turned out.

I haven't seen the ad yet but I can give you the link to the FREE pattern on the web..... Here's a close-up of the colorwork border showing the French Knots added.

That's it for today. Stay warm everyone! Happy Birthday to my sister Nancy (even though she doesn't read this blog!)


Manise said...

Adorable! Julia clearly loves hers!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for this -- I also bought the dog sweater for my little terrier-dachshund mix.

Sharon said...

This weekend was waiting out the big storm in MN. We ended up with acutal snow of 17 inches and drifts in the 3+ feet level. But it allowed us a full 48 hours of never leaving home, instead I knit and spun and my girls played out in the storm for awhile. Thanks for your beautiful bright pictures in my white, gray, black world.

Loco Lindy said...

I finished my most recent quarters cap on a snowy evening here in KY, and have it drying by the fireplace. Plan to blog about all of these I've completed later this week, LOVE the pattern!

torirot said...

Thanks for the slippers pattern, I love them! Might become a Christmas knitting procject :-)

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I frequently time myself via rounds or repeats etc. Sometimes if I'm on a tight deadline I turn it into a game to try beat my previous time.

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