Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet Coco and Chanel

Our new little bottle lambs went down to the barn on Sunday to begin their transition to "sheepdom." They were not happy. By the time Julia and I had arrived, their baaaahhhs had developed a sense of urgency and they ran up to us.

Pleeeeeease...... take us away from here!

Julia decided they needed names and since she is currently into fashion (as opposed to the last two years when it was Hannah Montana all the way), she crowned the bottle lambs Coco and Chanel. Coco just would not give up baaaahing and pawing at our legs so Julia caved in, picked her up and to quiet her, I told her to put her finger in her mouth. It acts as a pacifier, just like with babies. Both Julia and Coco were happy.

Chanel is not quite as forward and she just looked from afar, unhappy and noisy.

The fashionable new bottle lambs are "going to work" every day now. (With these names, I'm going to have to knit them a Chanel suit. I'll just add that to the list!) And in the evening, they fall asleep in front of the woodstove. Quite the life for a sheep.

FYI: Julia's hat pattern is available by PDF Download on my website here. It is called the "Cozy Cap and Pullover" and includes an easy cap and pullover.


BaileyGirl5 said...

Those lambs just couldn't be any cuter! That picture of Julia and the lamb is so sweet.

Deborah said...

Oh those precious lambs! The names are perfect. Seeing them give me warm fuzzies on this cold winter evening.

kathie said...

They are lovely!!

Candylei said...

They are so sweet! I can almost hear their baaahs down here. It breaks your heart to hear them. I know the feeling. I also know the feeling of getting up every couple of hours and bottle feeding new lambs. That feeling of wondering when you will ever catch up on your sleep.
Thank you for posting their pictures for us!

Auntie Shan said...

..hmm.. They DO remind me of LAGERFELD just a bit... ;-]

MicheleinMaine said...

omigosh, those lambs are soooo precious! They can sleep in front of my wood stove anytime!

Sharon said...

How do you decide who is a bottle lamb or are all the lambs bottle feed? Love your blog, I'm learning so much about farming, herding and etc.

Amy S. said...

That last photo of Chanel looks just like the "draw me a sheep!" drawing in The Little Prince.

Awesomely adorable!

SoccerMomKnits said...

I have one thing to say....Awwww!