Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Colorful Hipstamatic Photos from our Farmhouse

I'm in New York City at VK Live! But I haven't forgotten you all. I am teaching Embroidery on Knits, Edgings and all about the Joy of Color. So, here are some colorful Hipstamatic photos for your weekend!

Looking in late in the evening on a really cold night!

Christmas lights on the tree. We don't take ours down until Valentine's Day! It seems to help make the winter seem shorter.

Lights along the mantel

Looking up the cellar stairs

Pairs of cloisonne vases in the living room

Vera, the "Head Cat" on the daybed in the kitchen nook. She barely ever strays from this spot unless it is to the food bowl.

Phoebe asleep one evening

Photo by Julia of her Ugg boots which were a Christmas gift from her Aunt Jen. A huge hit!


Melanie Gardner said...

I love that app! It even makes cellar stairs look interesting and artistic.

Lyn said...

great photos!

philogirl said...

Julia probably thinks you should get your own itouch. lol

Nice pics.

Virginia said...

I'm sorry I didn't get to see you at VK Live. But I was working at a booth that was pretty much mobbed the entire show. I spotted Ysolda once and S. Pearl-McPhee once. Also, nearly mowed Debbie Bliss down. Heh.

bongloboy said...

the pictures of this farm looks great, I was wondering how do you grow vegetables there? do you use Greenhouses in your farm?

Jodi said...

Just followed you over here from Jen's blog (losing the shadow). I farm too in Manitoba Canada and we used to have sheep... i miss my sheep! I love photography too...I look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing your awesome pics!