Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Scenes at Leyden Glen Farm

Although I offer up a whole bunch of sheep photos here on the blog, we also have many other animal inhabitants here at our farm.

Our dogs are key to our sheep operation. Without our dogs, we would be nowhere.

And then there are the many different breeds of chickens and guinea hens that I keep for eggs and meat. Chickens are very difficult to photograph, at least for me! They move so fast.

Most of the time the chickens are picking around in the dirt and the photos don't turn out very well. But silhouetted against the snow, it is a different story.

Right now, we have one too many rooster but they are fun to look at.

And although our garden is deep under the snow and ice now, the fluffy snowball hydrangeas are still poking their lovely profiles out in the world.

And then there is the backbone of the farm - our farmhouse, built in 1751. I sometimes think about all it has witnessed in the three centuries it has stood on this hill.

There is a fabulous children's book called "The House" written by J. Patrick Lewis and illustrated by Roberto Innocenti. Have you seen it? It's one of those children's books that is really for adults. It would make a wonderful housewarming gift.

I'm off to NYC today to teach at VKLive. Say hi if you see me in passing and I look forward to those I will meet in my classes.


Nichole said...

Beautiful shots!

kate said...


Turtle said...

lol, i hate to say it but this camera phone app is making me want to ditch my blackberry and get an iphone just for it!

Anonymous said...

I love the orange door with the blue sky – as a designer, you think of everything! Lovely pics.