Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Storm - A Hipstamatic View

Lovely storm, as long as you were inside. It snowed and snowed and snowed. We must have about 18" or so. I took photos with my real DSLR and will post them later. Right now, I'll show you some of the Hipstamatic images from just before and during the storm.

Sheep before the storm in the front pasture

Sheep during the storm riding it out under the crab apple tree

See the big flakes falling?

Nessie wanting to get into the sheep although the fence was blocked by the deep snow and the road crew plow. They do a wonderful job around here with the roads, but we have to be patient and wait our turn!

The shed with all the snow

The shovel got a lot of work!

The mudroom in the snow

Part of the bottom end of the Christmas tree buried in the snow.
The one nice thing about a deep snowstorm is it hides all the leftover unslightly stuff in the yard!

I will say this (although I do not know that it is true) I think the Hipstamatic is a little better for settings where there is color. The colorful photos I have shot and have not yet shown are a little more interesting than these storm photos.

And how did you all fare during the storm?


John'aLee said...

I've decided....I want your life!

So glad I've found your blog! My goal is to get back to hobby farming and have a goat fiber farm. One of our reasons for moving here to Tennessee.
Thanks for all of your inspiration.

Turtle said...

love the photos, did you do this with the app for your i-phone?

our west coast snow all melted in the past 24 hours, now it is 51 out and raining....weird!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Great photos - enjoy!

Karon(Nana) said...

Pictures are Great! I love the sheep and dog. Must be great fun, farming.

Anonymous said...

Super pictures, I didn't even think to get any photos of the snow we got here in New York state!

And thank you for letting us in on the Hipstamatic. My husband has a Touch and at first he didn't want another app for photos. After I showed him your pics, he got the app and uses it a lot! Driving me and the cats crazy, lol. He says it's the best photo app he's ever seen. Maybe because he can take photos that look like his old 60s pictures, all that nostalgia!


Sudipta Das said...

love your pictures