Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding, Weaning + Amherst Farmers Market Saturday

It was a beautiful day this morning. I don't often get up early enough to see the sun rise but Julia and I set the alarm for 4 a.m. to watch The Royal Wedding. I remember 30 years ago when Diana and Charles were married and my sisters, my mom and our friends had a great breakfast party as we watched the day. I wasn't going to miss this chance and we had a great time eating homemade muffins, scones and drinking British tea.

We live up in the hills above the Connecticut River and there are many streams and brooks that run down through the mountains feeding into the grand river. They make for beautiful moody fog filled mornings.

Many days, as the day unfolds, the fog lifts and the sun begins shining before it lifts down in the towns in the valley below. I love these foggy, gray mornings. It makes the colors so beautiful and muted.

The lambs are being weaned and it has been a bit noisy here the past couple days. We have been separating the lambs from their mamas all week and the babies are now grazing the fields in front of our farmhouse solo. It is such a great sight to see.... lambs running and chasing each other as they explore the nooks and crannies of the fields. Soon they will be accustomed to the new place and forget about their mamas.

Tomorrow, my family and I will be selling our frozen lamb meat at the Amherst Farmers Market on the Common from 7:30 to 1:30. We are "guest vendors" and will be there occasionally, as invited. Stop by and say hi if you are close. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend and the Market is full of fabulous plants, greens, meats, cheeses, breads and other goodies.


Missouri Gal said...

I remember watching the wedding too but your party sounds much more fun than ours was. 30 years how time flies!
The photo of the fog is wonderful! I love cool foggy mornings too.
Have a good time at your farmers market this weekend! I have a lot of mowing to do before it starts raining again.
Nicole :)

Rose said...

I didn't get to watch it until last night, but it reminded me of Aunt Ruth, who is no longer living. She and I had a Diana wedding watching "party" 30 years ago too. Such fun.

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

I watched the wedding with my daughter and hubby here too. I was listening to the CBC radio during the day and many people were calling in, talking about spending the morning watching the celebration with their kids as a special time together.
It was just lovely, wasn't it?

Robin Allen said...

So here's a question for the farmer: Do lambs really forget all about their mamas after they've been separated? Do mamas forget about their lambs? I assume they eventually begin to graze together, so do they recognize each other and hang out together in the fields?

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