Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Craft Activism! Oh Yeah

Whenever I meet an book author, I always get slightly blown away. I personally know how much work it is to get a book out there - book proposals, all the physical, mental, and written work, editing, photography.... etc. It's not easy - especially in this day in age with the shifting world of publishing. Last Thursday I dragged Julia down to Webs for one of their evening "meet and greets" and I got to meet Author Gale Zucker. Gale writes the blog "She Shoots Sheep Shots." Have you seen it? In real life, Gale is a fabulous professional photographer whose portraits are stunning. (Never mind being a photographer for the Mason-Dixon Knitting Girls.)

Lucky for us, Gale also is a passionate knitter and crafter. She has just collaborated with Joan Tapper on CRAFT ACTIVISM - People, Ideas, and Projects from the New Community of Handmade and How You Can Join In (that's one long title!). I was really excited to meet Gale in person as I have been an admirer of her photos ever since I saw her book Shear Spirit (sadly out of print BTW). At Webs, Gale shared all of the projects from the book along with stories about the featured artists. Here is a photo of Gale, Julia and me from that evening - LOVE that Ellen Bloom Granny Square bag in my hands!

 This book isn't only about knitters (although it does profile many including Lisa Anne Auerbach, yarnbombers The Jafa Girls, and "tiger knitter" (my name, not hers) Ruth Marshall - that is her work in Gail's hand's below); it also features quilters, embroiderers, crocheters (oh, that Ellen Bloom!), and creative stores (The Yarnery in Minnesota - been there - fab shop!, and Brooklyn General - never been there, need to!). 

I LOVE this book - so much to read and interesting stories to inspire! This is the kind of book I wish there were more of! So many interesting stories to devour. CraftActivism also includes many projects that you can make). Thank you Gale and Joan for devoting so much time to recording these artists in print. Truly a labor of love! I am inspired. There are some great special events planned to launch CraftActivism so check out the book's really great blog!

If I weren't so over-committed with all the plates I have juggling in the air here I might join in some of the yarn bombing fun down in Northampton. Here's a fun audio interview from our local DJ Monte Belmonte from WRSI with a local "yarn bomber" named Knitta Over Committa who is trying to cover every parking meter in Noho - part of the Riot Purl group. You can find a web interview with the group here. 


Sally said...

I've been pouring over this book this morning at my desk at the library! Truly great!

Turtle said...

i love gale! Chatted with her online and follow her blog as well. (can't believe the other book is already out of print!) Must look this one up! :)

MicheleinMaine said...

Gale is fabulous. I took her photography class at Fiber College in September and learned so much. Then we (my daughter Mia and I) ran in to her at lunch, and we spent a delightful and insightful time comparing notes as adoptive parents. She has so much creative energy!

Ellen Bloom said...

Hah!! I love seeing my Granny Greenbag on other people's blogs!!! Thanks so much for the shoutout!

Elaine said...

I've got to look into all of this!! Julia is so tall. Brooklyn General is an absolutely fabulous shop! It's like being in your own studio, cozy, warm and beautiful. She's just a few blocks from my daughter's house in Brooklyn so I walk over whenever I'm in town.
I think I'll use some stash and knit coats for my 2 little trees. I'm sure they'd love it and the neighbors would talk!!

Jennifer and Steve said...

This looks fabulous! I can't wait to check it out. Hope you are enjoying a great fall! jak