Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meet Winston and Archie and their New Morning Duties

So sorry this has been such a long time in coming but things have been busy. Thanks so much for all the name suggestions for our two new pups. Our family decision was to stick with "Archie" for one of the pups. This decision came with approval from my Mom who thought Daddy would have liked to have a dog named after him - considering he was such a dog lover. The choice of Winston (after Mr. Churchill) was unanimous with the three of us here. Thanks to all of you for all the awesome name ideas! We had to choose names that could be called out across a field and which would sound different. 

"The Boys" as we have been calling them have begun learning their territory. Every morning, shortly before sunrise, they get fed and then it is time for them to go to work learning their boundaries. The other morning I tagged along. The sun was just peaking over the mountain.

The electric fence got turned off and opened up. 

Out went the sheep to graze.

Archie and Winston followed The Farmer around the inside of the night pasture. 

 Then it was time to walk the other pastures.

We have one very open pasture and two other fenced pastures that are abandoned apple orchards. Over the past couple years we have had permanent fencing put in to protect the sheep from the wildlife that are their predators. Until a month ago, things had been fine. And then this..... 
Each morning, all four dogs walk the fences with their boss.

They walk down towards Glen Brook....


Along the way, we found one of many tunnels the coyotes have been working on. 
Archie and Winston had a good sniff.


More walking.....

 All four dogs seem to be loving this new morning ritual. 

 And more walking....

By the time we came up out of the lower orchard, the sun was shining.

The boys are growing so fast. I can't believe how much bigger they are since this photo was taken last week. 

Thanks again for all your help with the names. Get ready for more puppy photos as the boys grow.


laurie said...

thanks for taking us on the walk along. looking forward to seeing the puppies grow.

Sunrise Knitter said...

Loved the walk. Keep the pictures coming. Can you tell which puppy is which? They look almost identical in the pictures.

BaileyGirl5 said...

I welcome ANY puppy pictures. They always put a smile on my face :)

Charlotte said...

Today's fence walk was fantastic.

Your new dogs are absolutely beautiful -- and I love seeing pictures of the border collies. I'd love to be able to dog walk or dog sit for you!


Sally said...

This puppy thing is fascinating! Love the names!

Elaine said...

The Pup Boys are great!! Keep the pictures coming. How did you fix the coyote hole?