Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Felted Flower Countdown - 3 Days to Go... + a Crafty Friday after Thanksgiving

When we first started our Thanksgiving Family Tradition here on the farm, my sisters, Mom and I planned a two day holiday - Thanksgiving and "The Day after Thanksgiving." We jointly decided that we would spend one day here at our house and the second Thanksgiving Day at my sister Nancy's house who lives about an hour from here in Jaffrey, NH. No "black Friday" shopping - just eating, laughing, telling stories and crafting of some kind. What began as a fluky, one time day has developed into a family tradition. We call it "Craft Day After Thanksgiving." We all drive to Nancy's and spend the day gathered around her dining room table making some kind of craft in between eating turkey sandwiches and soup. The first year we made wreaths, gathering the greens outside. The projects have varied over the years. One year we made Holiday Birch Houses. You can see my Tutorial for them here.....

The last two years we did needle felting and I discovered that there was something that had to do with wool that I didn't enjoy! Everyone was making fun of me but that was okay. Here's the photo of the little elves that the girls made.

Last year's Friday After Thanksgiving Craft Day Gnomes

I came home and knit up my own little elves and felted them in the washing machine. I much prefer knitting needles to felting needles. Here's that project FREE on Ravelry.

Knitted Felted Gnomes
I'm not sure what craft Nancy has planned for us but we will have a great day laughing and seeing how every project turns out. We'll be missing two sisters and two nephews but they will be in our thoughts and conversations. I can't wait to catch up with everyone.

I urge you all to take time to enjoy the day after Thanksgiving by making something - anything - with friends or family if possible. Or plan a special afternoon in December with friends making ornaments before Christmas. Like you all know, there's nothing better than doing things with your hands - much better than battling crowds and spending money just because the media and advertising agencies tell us we should. And sharing time with friends and family at the same time is a bonus.

Now onto the Countdown.... Here's niece Celia modeling a Felted Brooch that is part of the Sunflowers + Zinnias To Knit and Felt PDF pattern that is launching on Friday. Love the colors in the photo....

Niece Celia with a Felted Zinnia Brooch
Here is a Felted Sunflower on a cosy I made for The Farmer's iPad. I handsewed the sunflower over the closure area. Now his iPad is dressed and warm!

Come back tomorrow for Thanksgiving wishes and another preview of the new pattern which will launch on Friday.  If you want to be ready to knit, grab some worsted weight yarn (I used my Julia) and size 9 needles. Come back and download the pattern on Friday and you'll have your own knitting afternoon!


Whosyergurl said...

Kristin, Love the cabin & the little troll men. Your niece is lovely!
Happy Thanksgiving! xo, Cheryl

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Me too. Me too. I'd rather knit and wash than felt felt. Your gnomes and and flowers are exuberant.

Elaine said...

Very colorful little Gnomes. With all the sheep wool that is sheared at your farm perhaps you could try dyeing and felting some of it, then cutting it up into pieces and sewing it into something. Romney wool is quite popular for spinning and can be even softer if mixed with a little Merino or Corriedale. Felt on!! Knit on!!
Happy Cranberry Sauce!!

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