Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Puppy Update

Power is slowly being restored here in western Massachusetts. We were so fortunate to only be out for about a day. Julia finally went back to school today. And I had so much to do this week and not a lot got done.... This morning was gorgeously foggy and moody before the sun came up.

I ran right out with my camera hoping to capture the moment.

One thing nice about the school bus coming so early in the morning is that I am getting more opportunities at catching the morning light.

Here's Winston with some of the lambs. This gives you an idea of how big the puppies are now. Boy are they growing like crazy.

Each morning, either The Farmer or I get out to check on the sheep...

Feed the puppies and play with them a bit and then open the fences and let everyone out. The lambs come pouring through, jumping up in the air, so happy to be able to graze even if it is frosty and there is still snow on the ground.

They run into the orchard to eat the apples that have fallen overnight. Nessie, Phoebe, Archie, Winston and I went along today. The orchard is kind of spooky with all kinds of falling down apple trees. I think it would be a great place for a photo shoot of some bright colored sweaters someday.

At the top of the orchard, there's a giant series of moss covered rocks. "The boys" obliged me with some photos.

A bunch of you asked where the puppies were during the crazy sheep move I wrote about the other day. We've had 4 different flocks of sheep grazing different fields this summer. The big group, which took the adventure, have been being guarded by Jeremy and Eeyore. The puppies are right out in our front yard with a group of last winter's lambs. This way we can keep an eye on them, socialize them, and walk the fences with them. They are learning to bark and boy do they have "BIG" barks.


Leslie said...

Lovely shots as usual, Kristin. I'm so jealous of you having power. I'm in night 6 of none and will probably have 2 more nights of candlelight and the crank radio.

The boys look like they're having fun trying to eat each other's face -- that really cracked me up.

Penny said...

happy sheep, happy (growning) puppies, and i really love this story of connection and remembrance through Zelda and yarn. :)

Adaliza said...

I love your pups, but love Nessie even more! We have 2 collies, but no sheep! My pet duck Flora gets herded around the garden but is fairly fierce and both girls are secretly a bit afraid of her! Love reading your stories - I'm still working on my Julia Yarn blanket - squares coming on a treat!

Elaine said...

Those pups are absolutely precious!! Who is the one with the fancy hairdo on top of his head? Your photos are wonderful as usual. A line from a song from long ago came to mind in today's pictures. It might have been by the Bangles--and the sky is a hazy shade of winter. Enjoy!!

Sally said...

I love the "expression" on that sheep in the 5th to last? photo (wry smile). LOVE the Zelda story! Until about 6 years ago, we had a similar downtown, 2nd floor knitting store with a similar raspy-voiced proprietor with attitude. She shared the space with her optometrist husband. It looked like she probably once had a tiny closet in his office, but by the time they closed, he was reduced to a tiny corner of her shop with a few rows of 80s-style sample frames behind him. He was the cashier. :)

Whosyergurl said...

Oh, my, Kristin, you always have the most beautiful photographs. Looks as if everything is waking up after the storm.
xo, Cheryl

MicheleinMaine said...

That last puppy shot is a crack up! They're so playful! I hope they work out for you and do a great job with the sheep.

Love the foggy morning light. Each photo is a work of art!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos, and that last shot is fantastic - the puppies are adorable!