Thursday, December 22, 2011

Great Evening at Webs

We had a great evening at Webs selling our lamb meat at the "Meat-Up." Met all kinds of wonderful people who were going to be cooking family lamb recipes or some of the ones I brought along. For those of you who want to try cooking lamb but aren't close to our farm, give it a go. You can find my lamb recipes over on my Leyden Glen Farm Recipe Blog. The lamb tagine would make an awesome New Year's Eve Dinner. 

Thanks again to Kathy and Steve Elkins of Webs for supporting our sheep farm, to Sara Delaney (who works in customer service at Webs and who has been a supporter of my work since her days at B&N), to Melissa Morgan-Oakes of Two at a Time Sock Fame, and Gail Kallahan, The Kangaroo Dyer. Without all your cheerleading, I doubt so many people would have made the leap of faith to purchase our pasture raised lamb (even a vegetarian bought some for her dad!). If you to sign up for Leyden Glen Farm Newsletters, head on over to the recipe blog and sign up on the sidebar. I won't send many messages, just important updates.


S said...

Thank you for the recipes!

Lucy Chen said...

Thanks for the recipes.

Now only if I have an oven...