Monday, January 09, 2012

Lambing is in Full Gear

It started slowly and now we are up to speed. Thirty four lambs as of last count. No time to write but here is a photo of a new lamb in The Farmer's arms. His hair is too long to be in a picture! I promised him I would shoot around him. 

I've had to cut my trip to VKLive in NYC to two nights because I am needed here. More later if time allows.


Annelie said...

Så söt! (So qute! in swedish) Hello Kristin, love your blog, your colourful pictures and lovley handicraft. But most i like the sheeps and the lambs! Our lambing will start in april so we still have some weeks whith good sleep. But we just have farming as a comlpement.

/Annelie Hansson, Norrbotten, Sweden

Jake said...

Nothing better than little lambs!

Adaliza said...

Must be frantic, with them all arriving at once. Hope all goes well. Hope new pup is settling in well in the midst of all the activity!

{jennie} said...

Good luck with all the new lambs! As a twin mom, I have an affection for sheep, lambing 2 or more at a time!