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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Lambs and Kate Meets The Snow, The Chickens and The Boys

Lambing continues - 19 lambs born yesterday - 9 sets of twins and 1 single. Good day but a busy one for The Farmer.

I have not been much help since I have been trying to tie up lots of loose ends before I leave for VKLive in NYC Friday afternoon. I'll be back on Sunday but you know how it goes - get odds and ends done before a trip because even three days sets you back.

Kate, our new Border Collie pup, has settled in nicely. Julia thinks she is a terror and is a bit jealous of all the attention she is getting. It's a lot of work having a puppy in the winter - all the in and out but we're falling in love with her spunky personality. All signs point to her being a great sheep dog. Every day, she goes outside with Phoebe, Ness, and I to feed the chickens. It's the highlight of their day when there isn't any official sheep work going on, like most of the time in the winter.

Today in the snow, it was especially pretty. All the brown dirt was covered with fresh fallen snow.

Today Kate ventured into the pen when the chickens were feeding. She has figured out that if she chases, they will run. And she likes to see them move.

After the little chicken adventure, I decided to take her to see The Boys. She has been to see them a couple times but on a leash. Today I felt like it was time to see how they would get along.

The Boys are really interested in the little ball of fire.

First a little intro through the fence. That went well.

Then on in to the sheep pasture. All the normal doggy meet doggy stuff.

And then Kate started running circles around them.

She's a tough one....

And man is she fast!

I think we are all friends now.


Ruby said...

Great to see the dogs together and see how they are with each other. I think you will be blessed. Seems like you have a knack for getting the right animal that can provide the service you need and still be a great addition to the family of humans and sheep. Enjoy VKLive.

Look forward to your blog each day. Thanks for keeping it up so regularly despite your busyness of life on the farm.

sandi said...

The boys are getting so big! Glad to hear lambing is going well, but it's too bad the snow didn't hold off until after your return from New York. Have a great trip!

Dee said...

Your little pup is so cute! Looks like she fits right in.

Katy said...

Little black lambs - my favorite!

Auntie Shan said...

She probably thinks THE BOYS are Sheep that just "smell" good!

Sues Scott said...

Kate is so sweet, made me smile, thanks for sharing.

Sally said...

That was fun! Thanks, Kristin!

anita said...

Love that little puppy and her adventures! Nice that the big guys are putting up with her (as are the chickens)

WoolenSails said...

I love seeing your new lambs, and your new pup is so cute. I have a border collie and he is the best companion. Mine just herds tennis balls and sticks, though keeping the cats from scratching the couch is one of his jobs.


Abby said...

I am enjoying your winter farm pix. And inspired by you, I am going to try a variety of sunflowers in my garden this year instead of the usual mammoth seed ones.

Elaine said...

Thanks for all the great pictures. Perhaps Kate is practicing with Winston and Archie and pretending they are sheep to see how the herding is done. Love that little black lamb!

Anonymous said...

Darling and fun - I love checking in on the farm! Makes my day...enjoy your trip

farmland investment said...

OMG, those lambs look so cute. My parents are farmers and I am going to show this to them!

Anja said...

Thank you so much for sharing your farm life with all of us. I am thousends miles away but you invite me every day. My children and my husband love to look at the photos and to follow the animal stories.
I am sure that it is a lot of work to update the blog. Again, thank you so much.
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von Anja

Whosyergurl said...

Kristin, Beautiful photos in the snow. Your little pup is a beauty. I was showing your photos and telling my partner about your farming operation. He said he would like to have a border collie. We have a Welsh Pembroke Corgi. She is afraid of our chicken. We are courious- what are your chickens eating? Some sort of mash? Thanks! xo, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Love the dogs...I know that snow is cold but it surely makes those pictures special! :D

Sara said...

I love reading about your animals! I have a 4 month old puppy right now myself. She really doesn't like the snow here in Wisconsin. She did really well with the warmer December and January weather!

Adaliza said...

We've had such a laugh, looking at Kate and the boys. I love the way one of the boys is 'scooting' out of her way - she looks like a real character! Go get 'em Katy!
Super lambs too - 19's a lot for one day - phew!

Caffeine Girl said...

Nineteen baby lambs -- I can't even imagine that much cuteness.

Love the portrait photo of the puppy. That one belongs in a frame!

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