Monday, January 30, 2012

Stitching, Teaching and Big Game Quarters Countdown #1 and a Good Cause

Busy weekend here as in your home, I'm sure. I spent Saturday at Webs in Northampton teaching embroidery and colorful edgings. What a great day. Excited and talented students willing to learn and ready to go. My embroidery class was jammed and it was exhausting for me.... but look what they made! Gorgeous swatches full of lots of stitches. Some students traveled a great distance and made me so happy that they would drive so far for a class with me.

Here's a stand-out swatch by Karen (kmcfet on Ravelry) who took both classes. She added a beautiful edging with embellished embroidery too. 

Here in New England, people are going nuts about the Patriots in the Super Bowl. We're not much for watching sports here at the farm but we do watch the big games. A couple weeks ago, Pam Haschke, one of my FB friends, wrote about using my Quarters Cap for her project Halos for Hope. The post was so cleverly written - comparing the knitting of the Quarters Cap to a football game. Here's what she wrote: 

"What could be more perfect for football knitting? The hat is worked garter stitch and flat.  In other words, not in the round.  Much like a football game, you kick off (cast on) and knit all the way to the end zone.  After your second row, you begin a series of plays (short rows), with each sequential short row creating the shaping of the crown.  Once you're at the 50 yard line (or worked half of the stitches in your row shaping the crown), you start a new quarter.  Upon completion of four quarters, your game (cap) is finished!"

Wow, what could be a better endorsement for one of my patterns. With the game coming, I thought this would be a perfect tie-in for running a promo for the Quarters Cap pattern. So here is what I'm going to do. I will be donating 20% of the net profits of the sales of my Quarters Cap this week to Halos for Hope. If you have already purchased my pattern, hop on over to the Halos of Hope blog now and donate to this great knitter's cause

This week, along with my regular farm posting, I'll be re-visiting the Quarters Caps I have made over the past couple years - for inspiration. Today's photo is of some of the first caps I made for Julia and her cousins. I love these little portraits. Looking back on them has shown me how much the girls have grown. Sweet girls. Love them all..... 


You can purchase my Quarters Cap pattern on my website here or on Ravelry here. It's a really quick knit and super addictive. Here's a bunch of projects on Ravelry. And check out the Halos For Hope site here. Good week everyone - keep knitting!


Adaliza said...

I almost want to start knitting, seeing those hats! But first, I've got my Gypsy Rose blanket to finish. Pop over to see the border - it's looking good!

Candice said...

Now that lambing season is here, I was wondering if you were familiar with Philip Larkin's poem "First Sight". It is a wonderful poem on so many levels. If you can't find it, I'll send you a copy. Well worth the effort.

Kristin Nicholas said...

Hi Candice - I did not know that poem but I found it and it is perfect. Thanks for the heads-up about it. Will print it out and give it to my Farmer.

Carol said...

I have made several of the Quarters hats. They are quick and look great and a good way to use up stash yarn. Making one in Patriots colors for the Big Game. Go Pats!

Lisa H. said...

Hi Kristin - It was a real pleasure to take your classes on Saturday. I'll be a little more adventurous with color and embellishment going forward. Thank you! Lisa H.