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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Lambie Goings on and Guys' Quarters Cap Big Game Countdown #2

Thanks everyone for all your work yesterday regarding my lamb photo on Etsy which has been removed by the unscrupulous seller. I am pretty sure the seller's email box was jammed with all your messages. And the comments on FB were overwhelming, as in my comments section. Just found this post on a food writer's blog about copyright issues. It goes around, doesn't it? Here is a really good article about copyright and owner's rights which can of course be translated to the knitting world.

As promised, I am moving on today. Lambing has slowed down incredibly - in fact we have had a couple days without a lamb being born. This year we haven't had quite as many "house lambs" - thank goodness - although there has been a rotating crew. (The reason for this is The Farmer has used a heat lamp this year to warm the hypothermic lambs in the pen with the mamas so that, hopefully, after the lamb recovers - there will still be a maternal bond. If it works, it saves untold number of hours bottle feeding lambs and money on the milk replacer. The downside to this is heat lamps are incredibly dangerous. We usually only use them when someone is at the barn.) 

Someone please remind me that I shouldn't get a Border Collie puppy in the winter during lambing season. There has been a race track back and forth through the kitchen and living room as Kate the pup herded the two little house lambs to and fro. These two little guys were real goners when they arrived at the house. I really didn't think one of them would ever get up and move around (it took an entire week). We gave them time, warmth, lamb milk replacer and they healed and got up and about.

Kate our new Border Collie Pup with two lambs in the kitchen

Once it warmed up on Saturday from the negative temps, it was time for them to go be sheep. It went like this.... I walked into our television/library room on Friday evening and found the two lambs nestled in front of the woodstove happy as clams. If they had figured that out, it was time. Cute scene and all but they are sheep. Off they went to the barn on Saturday a.m. and I have been washing floors and walls ever since. Like I have time for such cleaning nonsense.....

The Farmer and one of the new lambs

I'm continuing with photos of some of my Quarters Caps I've made over the last couple years. I love this project because once you get the hang of the pattern, you can knit them at meetings and whenever you need a mindless project with just a bit of a challenge. It's also a real hit with the men and boys in my life. Above is a new one I made to match The Farmer's non-stop Carhart brown and denim blue wardrobe. He likes the Quarters Cap because it isn't too tight..... I like it because it has replaced his incredibly ugly hunter's orange acrylic hat

My nephews Francisco and Nicholas were the original poster boys for the Quarters Caps. I love this photo of the two of them in the snow. This photo is from January 2009. The boys are even more handsome now.... I bet they have lost these Quarters Caps by now. Better start knitting a couple more in shades of black and grey since they fancy themselves in the urban set.

Like I announced the other day, 20% of the net profit of all Quarters Caps PDF pattern sales will be going to this knitting/cancer charity cause. You can purchase my Quarters Cap pattern on my website here or on Ravelry here. It's a really quick knit and super addictive. Good day everyone! You are the best.


Sharripie said...

That puppy has the sweetest face! She almost looks like she's wondering why these lambs aren't getting up, so she can herd them.

Cindy in (un) Happy Valley said...

Kristin, all I can say is that you have such a way with color. I love your vision.

Tina said...

Oh I am in love with the house lambs and the sweet pup..... is that about the cutest pic EVER? I think it is! I continue to be crabby about the unscrupulization...... the theft, lets call it what it is. I continue to be amazed that so many of us try to dang hard to be love and light in the world and there are the a.hats that just wonkle up the whole deal for everybody! Regardless----- I send hugs!

Adalia said...

That's a gem of a photo of Kate & those lambs. Spect it'll appear on etsy soon! Only joking! I used to love the pet lambs in the kitchen on the farm where I used to spend my days as a teenager. The tiled floor had no step - the kitchen was swept out many times each day! I'm not so sure I'd cope with them in my kitchen - even Flora my pet ducky is banned! The photo of the boys is lovely - my boys are worse than the animals for having their photos taken!

Janet said...

Just what are the implications of having a couple of lambs running around the house or sleeping in the TV room? I bet my guess is not nearly creative enough . . .

Gail said...

Hi Kristin: I've been reading and loving your blog since finding it. And often forward the lambing entries to my grandchildren.

I've bought your flower download and love them. So after reading about the copyright violation (and also fuming over the piracy of books and films etc as well as art) I bought the sweet lamb cards and your knitting book just now.
Just call me crazy about colour!
Sending you and your family best wishes for health and prosperity and every good thing,

Patience said...

I would love to have the puppy/lambs/heating grate picture to put on the wall. If you ever put it up in your shop, please let us know?

WoolenSails said...

Oh, I know that look, borders have such wonderful expressions and really do show their feelings. Mine herds the cats, lol. He is not doing well, but he is getting older. He still wants to play and follow me every where, so I hoping he doesn't lose that energy.


Elaine said...

The picture of Kate and the lambs is priceless. I ordered lamb postcards when Archie and Winston came on the scene and they're still in their envelope!! I hate to use them but guess I could always order more! If we didn't care about you we wouldn't support you in whatever way we can!!

Loco Lindy said...

I always enjoy your photography but that pup and lamb photo and the vision of him herding them around the kitchen is priceless!!!

Candylei said...

I agree, that is the most darling photograph! You need to send that off to farm and ranch living magazine!!