Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pink Roses and a Tech Cozy from Germany

Julia and I are off for a few days for her winter school vacation. Always good to see some new things and visit places we don't get to go to often.

Got an email from Martina, a long-time reader from Germany. She didn't quite see that each tech cozy came in four sizes. Once I pointed her to page 6 of the instrux, she got right on it. By Sunday a.m. she was done knitting her phone cozy and had already felted it and posted it to her blog here. For all you living across the pond, the yarn she used was called Schachenmayr Felting Wool and she said it worked perfectly. You can check out Martina's blog here. She is quite the quilter.


stufenzumgericht said...

Hi Kristin,
thanks so much for telling about my knitting of your fabulous Tech Cozy. With Schachenmayr Felting Wool, it was perfect, but as there are two qualities, it'll be helpful to know, that it was "fine" that is running about 100m by 50g ;-) Enjoy your winter vacation! Martina

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your winter break! It's always fun to get out and find new inspiration.

Adaliza said...

Enjoy your winter jaunt. Taking your knitting with you?
Have lots of fun

may said...

"Pink Roses and a Tech Cozy from Germany" the flowers are very beautiful,Enjoy your winter vacation! Martina

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