Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kate Winslet was Here

Well, not exactly. But she was not far from us. 

Jason Reitman is filming a new movie called Labor Day in Massachusetts, based on a book written by Joyce Maynard. The first leg of the filming has been here in Franklin County. There's been a bit of a Hollywood fever going around..... Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin, and a host of people making the film. The most we have learned about it is through our local Greenfield Recorder. 

Julia in front of a 1980's car in the parking lot of the Arms Academy.
Julia's Grandmother Betty went to this school.

Didn't stop Julia and I from going on a scouting trip to Shelburne Falls, where they were filming. This is the lovely town with The Bridge of Flowers, The Iron Bridge where every year they hold a community dinner, Mocha Maya's Coffee and the old-fashioned Keystone Market. After a bit of sleuthing, we found the parking lot where the 1980's cars were parked until needed on the set. The set was actually the main street of Shelburne Falls, all the store-fronts re-decorated with 1980's signs and colors and 80's vintage cars parked along the street. They even re-named and re-signed "Greenfield Savings" as "Holton Falls Savings Bank".

Julia in front of the fictional town of "Holton Mills, NH"'s cruiser

The film company has moved on to eastern Massachusetts. Rumour has it they will be filming in Acton very soon.

My family had a wood paneled station wagon like this in the 80's

We look forward to seeing our beloved home of Franklin County on the Silver Screen in 2013. Can't wait to see if any locals we know will be extras. It has been a boom to our area with over 200 hotel rooms needed and food to be eaten. Fun stuff for a sleepy community which stays out of the limelight. It's over now.


Anonymous said...

I have a bit of a problem calling anything from the 80's "vintage"! LOL. I still haven't recovered from the effects of reading that the American Girls doll, Julie who is from the 70's is an HISTORICAL figure. Yipes.

Enjoying your blog in the present though!


Sarah Rooker said...

Darn--I'm driving by Shelburne Falls on Thursday to deliver Helen to Stump Sprouts. My grandparents lived in Acton......maybe I'll take a drive :)

Auntie Shan said...

They might have to RE-paint the PARKING SPACE "LINES" too! Those 80s cars *don't* fit into Today's "spaces"!

;-D I used to drive one of them "Oceanliners"! A Mercury Meteor... A pain to park, but I really *miss* TAILGATES!

BTW, I'm trying to FORGET The 80s!!

Auntie Shan said...

Oh! BTW, you should have tracked down the Production's "Craft Services" People... Could have sold Them some Lamb...?

Anonymous said...

I think growing up in L.A. I never think much about filming or actors. They are just Joe Shmoe regular guy to me. However, I love that you pointed out that the filming helps the small town with business. How true and how very good right now!

Unknown said...

I LOVE Kate Winslet!

beth said...

We used to go to Shelburne Falls every summer for all-comers track meets and take visiting family to see the Bridge of Flowers. This was back when we lived in Williamstown. It will be fun to see the area in the movies!

Ruth said...

I passed them filming in Acton just yesterday ... they're moving set quickly! I hadn't realized they'd been shooting elsewhere in MA before here.

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