Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This and That

Things are busy here getting ready for my first "Getting Stitched on the Farm" retreat this weekend. The to-do list grows but it will not all get finished. Thanks everyone who signed up for the August 4th class. It is full now too! Yippee!

On Friday, Melanie Falick was here with a video crew from Open Road Media. They spent the day filming me and Melanie separately and together, talking about working on our book Knitting for Baby. 

It was fun if a wee bit grueling and not exactly the best timing considering my book deadline and upcoming retreats. Phoebe would not leave the set and we had to wake her up a few times when she started snoring and it started to be heard on the audio. My sweet Phoebe.


You can check out the other STC knitting books here on the Open Road Media site and see some short videos of other authors.

Julia with Delilah and Spike

We celebrated Julia's birthday with a big party on Saturday night. She is fourteen now! Sweet as ever but becoming more of a teenager. 

Still looking for a home for the two black kitties if anyone is interested. They are medium length hair and super sweet. We think one is a boy, one is a girl but it is hard to tell. Email me if you are interested.

Some good links for you all:
•I made this yellow squash and potato dish for the party and everyone loved it. 
•My friend Mary told me about her cousin's beautiful quilted lampshades.
•This is a great summer salad - one of my favorites in summer rotations - Italian Rice Salad from the Frog Commissary Cookbook.

Good week everyone!


Sally said...

Wow! You've got it ALL going on out there! Yellow squash and potatoes: just exactly what I've got lots of right now. Thanks for the rec't link!

Auntie Shan said...


ahh... The "Paparazzi", They do get under foot, huh? ;-D

BTW, lovin' the "LASSIE" Pic!

Good LUCK with the Classes!

Kristin Rogers said...

Wow, you linked to my Italian Rice Salad and everyone followed! From one Kristin to another (and you even spell your name the "right" way), thanks!

sally said...

Happy Birthday to Julia, and Happy Teenage Parentship to Kristin and The Farmer.
Another Sally

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