Thursday, August 09, 2012

Catching Up

Summer is slipping away, isn't it? I won't miss the heat but I will miss the slightly lazy days and the "no school bus rush" of summer mornings. I'm playing catch-up on all kinds of projects that are past due as I was otherwise occupied with preparing for the Knitting Retreats here at the farm. 

My garden is starting to take off. I'm a late gardener, not really getting out and making it happen until June and July. On Monday, I planted 3 more rows of sunflowers. No, it isn't too late, even without a greenhouse. I planted varieties that will bloom in 50 to 60 days so that puts me into October for bouquets in the house. Sunflowers make the dwindling days of warmth more acceptable.

All of the kitties have moved on to other knitters' homes except for Delilah, the little calico. I have heard from all the new cat mamas and so far, so good. We do miss them. I love this photo of one of the black kitties sitting amongst the colorful chair and table legs on our porch. I must look like another world looking up from such a spot.

Good day everyone!


Jo said...

The photo of the wee black kitty and the blue chair is so sweet--whenever you have kittens, I can't decide that I'm glad or sorry to live so far away!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Thanks for the late planting of sunflowers tip. Maybe it'll help me to not throw myself down sobbing once Labor Day gets here and the countdown to darkness returns....(melodramatic much today??!)

MicheleinMaine said...

Oh, I am so happy to hear it's not too late for sunflower planting! I have seeds for many varieties but just didn't get my act together earlier. I will plant tomorrow! Yay!

Cutest kitty pics evah!

Kate G said...

Happy to hear you're not skipping the sunflower planting. Could a new line of sunflower postcards be joining the lamb in a united garland?

I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your beautiful blog. Will miss the kittens, but I'm in love with the dogs. Thanks for bringing light.

Cherie M said...

Great Year wishes to Julia! When I taught middle and high school students, I always felt the first week to be a bit exhausting as I shifted from relaxed summer mode to devoting 10 - 15 hours a day to school with knitting time relegated to weekends. The students though were always excited to get back into seeing friends every day and found the assignment load relatively light during the first days. Certainly there was no pressure from tests then. I hope she has a ton of fun.

Anonymous said...

Please, sell cards featuring the black kitten-and-chair photo - I'd buy a bunch. A card with snoozing tabby and calico would be a nice selection, too.
-- stashdragon